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located in the administrative territorial entity. DallasFort Worth metroplex. 1 reference. headquarters location. Dallas. coordinate location. 3235'6"N, 9658'41"W. 1 reference. official website.

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Wikipedia also fetches some data from Wikidata. The Wikidata logo. Wikidata is a Wikimedia project to create an open and collaborative database. It stores relational statements about an entity as well as the interwiki links associated with the pages on the Wikimedia projects that describe that entity.

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Wikidata is a free and open knowledge base that can be read and edited by both humans and machines. It is built using MediaWiki and the Wikibas noe extension. For more information see Wikidata's own site, the Wikidata article on Wikipedia , and the operations manuals at wikitech:WMDE/Wikidata .

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Wikidata is a wiki that is a database, a collection of data on the internet. The information stored on Wikidata can be used by other websites including Wikipedia. Wikidata is designed so that humans and machines can read it. As of March 2019 it contains more than 55 million items and has 21 thousand active users.

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Wikidata est une collection d'articles qui sont stocks dans une base de donnes oriente documents. Chaque article est constitu de donnes et de couples cl-valeur, particulirement des liens vers d'autres articles, formant donc un ensemble de graphes smantiquement structur.

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In the desktop view of Wikipedia, in the default skin and most others, the left-hand panel has a "Wikidata item" link, under "tools". Copy the URL of that link, paste it into a text editor, and read (or copy) the ID from it. For example for Kofoworola Abeni Pratt, that URL is, and so the ID is Q25796287.

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The module "Wikidata" contains the following methods, that allow the calling script to retrieve the value for any property from Wikidata by supplying the property ID as the first parameter: getValue: Returns wiki-linked values, if applicable.

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Wikimedia content project (en), semantic wiki (en), wiki with script conversion (en), MediaWiki website (en), knowledge graph of science (en), knowledge base (en), online database (en), knowledge graph (en) da crowdsourced project (en) Matter (en) linked open data (en) Language (en) multiple languages (en) License (en)

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You should rsync from the mirror, then fill in the missing images from; when downloading from you should throttle yourself to 1 cache miss per second (you can check headers on a response to see if was a hit or miss and then back off when you get a miss) and you shouldn't use more than one or two simultaneous HTTP connections.

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Wikidata una base di conoscenza online collaborativa, sostenuta e ospitata dalla Wikimedia Foundation, con lo scopo di fornire un archivio comune di supporto agli altri progetti di Wikimedia, consultabile e modificabile sia da utenti umani che da bot. affine a Wikimedia Commons nel modello di fruizione, poich fornisce dati a tutti i progetti e consente loro un accesso centralizzato, esattamente come fa Commons con i file multimediali. L'iniziativa stata avviata da un gruppo di ...

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30/11/2022 Statistics on wikidata2004 - 20222022-11-30. Statistics on. wikidata. 2004 - 2022.

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Wikidata makes full dumps of the knowledge base available in JSON format, but we will use their linked data API instead to grab data for just one entity. If youd like to see the documentation for qwikidata objects that handle either of these things, you can follow the links below, qwikidata.json_dump.WikidataJsonDump.

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29/01/2020 Wikidata is a collaboratively edited knowledge base. It is a source of open data that you may want to use in your projects. Wikidata offers a query service for integrations. Jess Barrasa. QuickGraph#10 Enrich your Neo4j Knowledge Graph by querying Wikidata.

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16/07/2009 Our quarterly Wikidata+Wikibase office hours will take place today at 16:00 UTC (18:00 Berlin) in the Wikidata Telegram group. You're welcome to come and ask questions and discuss important issues related to the development of Wikidata and Wikibase.

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17/03/2016 Wikidata is a growing, open community database which can serve this purpose and also provides tight integration with Wikipedia. In order to improve the state of biological data, facilitate data management and dissemination, we imported all human and mouse genes, and all human and mouse proteins into Wikidata.

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Graphic representing the datamodel in Wikidata with statement group and opened references.png 1,708 1,146; 7.48 MB. Graphic representing the datamodel in Wikidata with statement group.png 1,025 688; 2.7 MB. Graphic representing the datamodel in Wikidata with statement group.svg 1,025 688; 134 KB.

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Deployed new code on with a lot of bug fixes and a new Special:EntitiesWithoutLabel (all changes here) now uses Wikidata (click edit links at the bottom of the page), and we are working to enable the synchronization of changes to test2 and display links from the repository.

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From < Wikidata Query Service | Implementation (Redirected from Wikidata query service/Implementation/Standalone) WDQS can be run as a service for any Wikibase instance, not just Wikidata. You can still follow the instructions in the documentation, with the changes described below. To generate the dump of your database, use dumpRdf.

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01/06/2022 Wiki Education works closely with organizations to set up Wikipedia and Wikidata training courses that align with their mission and serve their institutional goals. We have facilitated courses and workshops for faculty, staff, members, and other affiliated stakeholders across academic disciplines. These custom trainings begin with a conversation.