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Build your blog with Contentful's quickstart template and start building in minutes. Get started with Contentful's blog template today!

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18/05/2022 All the technologies used are free and open-source. You are free to use this template for a personal hobby blog, a commercial news agency or professional journalist website etc. Don't forget to star the repo if you like this template. graphql template responsive reactjs gatsby netlify jamstack netlify-cms blog-template. Updated on Nov 16, 2021.

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Blue-Square has one repository available. Follow their code on GitHub.

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29/04/2022 Pull requests. A simple, minimalistic blogging static website template using Gatsby.js and styled components, feel free to fork and use. gatsby netlify minimalist-template blog-template. Updated on Nov 7, 2018. JavaScript.

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22/06/2022 eddiesigner / liebling. Star 1k. Code. Issues. Pull requests. Beautiful and clean Ghost theme that is easy and comfortable to use. To get the latest version please head over the releases page . blog theme dark-theme ghost ghost-theme blog-theme dark-mode. Updated 3 days ago.

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Free Blogger Templates. Contribute to ibonobo/templates development by creating an account on GitHub.

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29/11/2017 Starting today, you can use any of the hundreds of community-curated themes on To build your site with any public, GitHub-hosted theme, add the following to your sites _config.yml file: remote_theme: owner/name. Replacing owner and name with the repositorys owner and name. And if youre interested in making your Jekyll theme ...

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13/06/2022 Pull requests. A template for a Dendron Workspace, optimized for publishing to GitHub Pages. static-site-generator template github-pages notes static-site note-taking pkm note-sharing github-pages-website github-pages-template notes-sharing dendron. Updated 19 days ago.

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16/01/2020 Your blog. This is the repository for your blog! Click _config.yml above to get started and fill in the details. Then click and edit it to start creating your home page.

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02/04/2012 Ever pushed a new project to GitHub and wished you had the time or talent to make a beautiful page for it? Stop wishing. Were proud to present the new GitHub Page Generator.. To take it for a spin, go to the admin page of one of your repositories and click the Automatic Page Generator button:. Once youve filled out your page text, pick from one of our eight (and counting!) themes hand ...

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18/01/2021 Theyre slightly different, but both are pretty easy to set up. In either case, the first step is to configure the GitHub side. Navigate to the repository settings and under the Custom domain option provide your custom domain. This will commit a CNAME file at the root of the repo pointing to the custom domain.

Building a Free Blog with GitHub Pages in Minutes

14/03/2021 Navigate to the _posts folder on GitHub. Click Add file > Create new file. Name your file Set the title of your blog post by using a markdown header. Write this as the first line ## This is my first blog post. Add some contentwrite some random things, whatever you want.

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02/07/2020 Jekyll Now makes it easier to create your Jekyll blog, by eliminating the up front setup. Fork the project. Update your repository name in settings. Activate the Github pages feature. Update the baseurl /blog in _config.yml. Wait a minute and visit:

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gh-pages-template. A GitHub pages template based on minimal Jekyll theme. Couple of additional futures such as a navigation bar and a full page layout are added to the minimal theme. Preview the theme; See the original theme in action; Usage. See setup and customization instructions to start using the theme.

10 Best Example Blogs hosted on GitHub Pages with Jekyll

17/11/2016 1. Development SEED. Development Seed is using GitHub to host their blog, they publish information and posts about their projects there, the main layout does really look awesome and functional with many features and I think it's the most interesting site to show you what Jekyll is capable of. 2. Josh Habdas's Blog.

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19/02/2017 GitHub Pages Template. A simple, customizable, and free GitHub Pages template. Getting Started. Download the project from GitHub; Navigate to the project directory

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02/11/2021 The First step is to create a GitHub personal access token. Follow the official documents here for more information. Next, Head over to your blog_source repository on GitHub and click Settings Secrets new repository secret. Paste the token you just got, set the name to ACTIONS_DEPLOY_KEY and hit the Add secret button.

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22/12/2019 Steps to Create a Blog Using GitHub Pages and Jekyll. Sign-up for a GitHub Account. Create a Repository for GitHub Page e.g. ( Apply a Jekyll Blog Theme. Configure Jekyll Blog Theme. Create a Blog Post. 1. Signup for a GitHub Account.

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19/05/2021 Invoking the script will update the index.html page with the latest repos by using the index.mustache file as a template. Repository data is pulled via the GitHub API (e.g., website). By default the script performs unauthenticated requests, so it's easy to run up against GitHub's limit of 60 unauthenticated requests per hour.

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Publish on Github Pages. Go to and create your Github Pages repo as by the official guide; Clone your Github Pages repo; Copy the built blog from public to your cloned Github Pages root like cp -r public/* ../; Push it up like cd ../; git add -A .; git commit -m ...

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ntsh / dabblet.css. Created 9 years ago. Star 2. Fork 3. Simple blog layout in HTML and CSS. Raw.

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06/01/2018 Github pages offers a nicely written tutorial telling you how to do this. Check the official website. Step.2 Download the blog template. After creating the repository, you can move on to create your blog using a well crafted blog template like Clean Blog by Start Bootstrap. Download the latest version and extract the files into a local folder.

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24/11/2015 Texts + GitHub Pages = Blog. 24 Nov 2015. Follow simple instructions to publish your blog on GitHub Pages and write posts in Texts. Texts is rich editor for plain textyou can write documents in visual interface and they will be saved in plain text format with Markdown markup. This document shows some of the styles available in Texts.

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GitHub is a website that lets you post your code so you can keep it organized and share it with other people. Its a little bit like social media for coders, and its a great way to show off your code and to see what other folks are working on. GitHub Pages lets you take a GitHub repository and turn it into a webpage.

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About GitHub Pages. Creating a GitHub Pages site. Adding a theme to your GitHub Pages site with the theme chooser. Configuring a publishing source for your GitHub Pages site. Creating a custom 404 page for your GitHub Pages site. Securing your GitHub Pages site with HTTPS. Using submodules with GitHub Pages. Unpublishing a GitHub Pages site.

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About GitHub Pages. GitHub Pages is a static site hosting service that takes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files straight from a repository on GitHub, optionally runs the files through a build process, and publishes a website. You can see examples of GitHub Pages sites in the GitHub Pages examples collection.

Adding a theme to your GitHub Pages site using Jekyll

In the upper right corner of the file view, click to open the file editor. Add a new line to the file for the theme name. To use a supported theme, type theme: THEME-NAME, replacing THEME-NAME with the name of the theme as shown in the README of the theme's repository. For a list of supported themes, see "Supported themes" on the GitHub Pages site.

Create Blog Posts And Static Pages With Jekyll and GitHub Pages

15/09/2021 Sep 15, 2021 Simon Dosda. This article is part of a series showing you how to quickly and freely build and host your own Jekyll blog on GitHub Pages. This series will also cover more advanced topics like adding a comment system directly in our code using Staticman and adding privacy-friendly but still free analytics using Umami.

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10/05/2022 A curated directory of the best free Jekyll themes for your blog or website. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Marketing Agency one page template. We've developed a solution with none of these downsides, by taking advantage of a service called GitHub Pages. Wait a minute and visit:

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09/03/2019 When you share your projects on GitHub, people can see your code, what youre doing, and how youre doing it. GitHub is all about the communication of ideas. Pretty much everyone in tech right now is using Git and/or GitHub in some way. Having your profile right there on GitHub is a great way to hold up your hand and get involved.

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19/01/2019 Start Blog on 19 Jan 2019 - friendbear. Start This Blog Join Slack. prisma. gocui. Makefile test and review; Create clone