Among Us Fan Map By Trapshooter

Among Us Fan Map by TrapShooter

Fan-made Among Us map currently in development. This is a fan-made Among Us map currently in development. Devlogs uploaded to my Youtube channel, link below!

Among Us Fan Map Among Us Fan Map by TrapShooter

Map Restore game Run gameSupport This GameThis fan made Among map currently development. Devlogs uploaded Youtube channel, link below https channel ...

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This map is wicked sick,hope among us add this. Reply. regit12321 254 days ago

Among Us Maps Actual List of all available maps

The Skeld. This map is known to be the first released map in the Among us universe. The structure: This map is easy to go through. You can drop on the right side of the ship going through a corridor. The other one helps you to go to the left. The same three corridors lead from the top to the end of the map.

Among Us Map: drag & drop map tool for advanced strats

A mong UsDrag & Drop Map. A. mong Us. The Skeld is the primary and first map created in Among Us, set on a spaceship in outer space. It is automatically selected upon opening the game for the first time. The map was the only one included in the first version of the game's launch in 2018, with MIRA HQ, Polus, and The Airship being added ...

Maps | Among Us Wiki | Fandom

Maps are a core mechanic of Among Us that make up the environment that players move in and interact with. The map played on is chosen before a game starts, with each one containing unique features, locations, and tasks. Each map is made up of many different locations and hallways connecting them. Most locations in Among Us contain different tasks and abilities, such as Doorlog. Each map is ...

Among Us Interactive Map

- The main page of the interactive map in the style of the game has been added. - Now on the main page you can select the map you are interested in. Maps such as "Polus" and "Mira HQ"were added. - A return button to the previous map selection page has been added to the interface on each map. Thank you for your attention!

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A custom map for the game among us based on a Space Station theme Download. Brawl Stars Map (custom map) (2021.3.31.3s) By DiceFlipyt. Brawl Stars Map (custom map) (2021.3.31.3s) by DiceFlipyt. 4.4K Downloads Updated Apr 16, 2021 Created Apr 16, 2021.

among us map maker by yoshi336_official -

among us map 7 MB. Comments. Log in with to leave a comment. Jack123454 4 days ago. does this work for mobile? Reply. Jack123454 4 days ago (1 edit) How do u do this tell me pls. Reply. Bandu! 135 days ago.

Among Us: Single Player (Fan game) by Klopity -

AMONG OURSELVES TRELLO BOARD! NOW ON KEVIN GAMES! JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER! OR SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE "Among Us SP" Was inspired by Arvie K and Created by KlopityL in Construct 3. All assets and sounds are owned by Inner Sloth. Note: I am not associated with Innersloth in any way. Original Game

Among Us

Among Us is a multiplayer escape game developed by Innersloth studio. Your goal is to identify the Impostors, eliminate them, and complete tasks around the map. And if you play as Impostors, your goal is to sabotage the mission by killing the Crewmates covertly. Do you want to transform a spy or a detective?

Fan made map | Fandom

Fan made map. "Mountall" base somewhere at very tall mountains, really far away from civilization... New tasks: Security system: Ejecting: New way to fix communications sabotage: I spent 54 hours to draw it in IbisPaint X. Edit: I won't stop editing this map, even if Innersloth won't add this map to the game. (edited by Favik)

Among Us Maps: detailed rooms layout, secrets and tips

26/07/2021 Among Us Polus map: a very free map. For a very long time, Polus was the biggest of the Among Us maps. Its status has been downgraded since the release of Airship, but it still has a lot of possibilities. This is not only due to its large size, but also to its layout. There are closed buildings and many outdoor spaces.

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Find games tagged among-us like Buff Imposter Horror, Among Us Arena, Among Us: Single Player (Fan game), Among Us 3D, Krisper the Imposter online 3D on, the indie game hosting marketplace ... Fan-made Among Us map currently in development. TrapShooter. Play in browser. AMONG US: SHOOTER ...

Among Us: The Most Chaotic Maps, Ranked - CBR

15/12/2020 The upcoming map, The Airship, might be the most chaotic in the entire game thus far. While players will have to wait until early 2021 to play it, the map features rooms that can only be accessed by flying platforms or ladders, tons of new tasks and a sprawling layout unlike any other map in the game. While there is always a learning curve to ...

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AMONG US burning map! (For PopularMMOs) Other Map. 1. 1. Joshuathestar last week. 118 8 3. x 4. Among Us Drip (With Note Blocks xD)

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Among Us Interactive Map | Airship

02/01/2021 Update of the interactive map Among Us 1.1! - The main page of the interactive map in the style of the game has been added. - Now on the main page you can select the map you are interested in. Maps such as "Polus" and "Mira HQ" were added. - A return button to the previous map selection page has been added to the interface on each map.

All Among Us Maps, Vent Locations, and Visual Tasks - MSN

30/08/2021 In this guide, we have the locations of all the vents and visual tasks on every available map. In the maps below, we have marked the location of every vent in blue. The visual tasks are marked in ...

Among Us maps: vent locations, emergencies, and visual tasks

12/04/2021 Cameras marked by the yellow boxes cover a large proportion of the map, but there is a vent just by the Security room, so its not particularly safe to sit on cameras. The emergency ...

Among Us Maps Tier List - BlueStacks

09/08/2021 The GOAT (Greatest of All Time) in the Among Us map pool, The Skeld was the only playable map during the initial days of Among Us in 2019 and the time when it was briefly popularised by former Dota 2 professional and Twitch streamer Henrik AdmiralBulldog Ahren. Even after the advent of maps like Polus and MIRA HQ, The Skeld was the only free-to-play map at the start, with the other two ...

Among Us School Map by Cloud Studios -

This is an Among us school map, there is a cafeteria a gym, and a classroom! I'm working on an art room to come next. There is no imposters or online play, all you can do is school themed tasks. Here is a run-down of all the tasks and how to do them: Cleaning Food: Tap all the foods. Recycle: Put the trash in the trashcan, and the recycling in ...

14 Best Among Us Mods, Ranked - TheGamer

12/06/2021 3 Snitch Role. The latest role mod to appear in Among Us, the Snitch has a very exciting concept. The role of Snitch is randomly assigned to a player, but the Snitch must play the game as normal until the very end. Once the Snitch has one task left to complete, the Snitch will be alerted as to who the Imposter is.

Among Us Roadmap | Innersloth - Creators of Among Us and The Henry ...

11/06/2021 Just a quick update, but as part of the Summer Games Fest, we revealed a roadmap for Among Us future. The next big update will be 15 player support with new colors (including Rose, Gray, Tan, and more), a slight graphics update, mobile controller support, and more. Details on this coming to you sooner than you think!

AMONG US [ atlasitos ] Fortnite Creative Map Code

21/10/2020 You can copy the map code for AMONG US by clicking here: 4815-9735-9724. Submit Report. Reason. Please explain the issue. More from atlasitos. diverse mini games (race in ramp, floor is lava, ball fall, robot fight) 3335-9934-1093. MINI GAMES. Gun Game, ...

Among Us Map Guide: Layout, Vents, Tasks For Skeld, Polus ... - Gamer Tweak

03/10/2020 Among Us Maps Guide: Know Vent & Camera locations, Tasks list, Visual & Best tasks to fake, Map layout & Tips for The Skeld, Polus & Mira HQ. The Maps in Among Us play the most important role in your victory or defeat in the game. Only those who the know the Among Us maps thoroughly can actually devise various strategies to be a good impostor.

Among Us Single Player Fan Game .

10/06/2022 Among Us Single Player Fan Game was inspired by Arivie K and developed by Kliopityl from Kevin Games with Construct 3 technology. This is the second version of the game ''Among Us Single Player''. All assets, sounds, and rights are owned by Inner Slots. Platforms. The web browser, the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox ...

Steam Workshop::Among Us Map V2.0

Among Us Map V2.1 The Among Us Mod Created by. all muted zxc Offline See all 46 collections (some may be hidden) 4,908: Unique Visitors: 2,431: Current Subscribers: 41: Current Favorites: Subscribe to download Among Us Map V2.0. Subscribe ...

Among Us Airship Map Guide: Steer the Ship with This Information

18/11/2021 When you load into Among Us Airship map, you can choose between three locations where you want to spawn. This tends to randomize but usually, everyone has the same choices. For example, you may have the choice to spawn in the kitchen, engine room, and cargo bay. All players will have those options but then the next round it might change.