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Ultraman Episode 1: Ultra Operation No.1 - YouTube

04/09/2020 Ultraman Episode 1:While patrolling the skies on the night shift, Shin Hayata reports back to home base he has seen a U.F.O. An enormous red orb is chasing a...

Ultraman - Official Trailer (2016) HD - YouTube

06/08/2015 Ultraman - Official Trailer (2016) HD - 2016 HD

Ultraman Best Episode - YouTube

16/02/2010 Awesome Ultraman Episode

TOP 10 OPENING ULTRAMAN !! l Bahasa Indonesia - YouTube

25/02/2019 Berikut adalah video tentang opening terbaik ultraman versi saya, klo kalian bagaimana?note : ALL THE FOOTAGE IN THIS VIDEO IS PROPERTY OF TSUBURA...

Ultraman Taiga - Opening FULLBuddy,Steady ,Go! by - YouTube

03/10/2020 Ultraman Taiga - Opening FULL "Buddy,Steady ,Go!" by Takuma TerashimaUltaman series 'Ultraman Taiga" opening themeBuddy,Steady ,Go! by Takuma Terashima-----...

Ultraman Taiga Opening Buddy, Steady, Go! Lyrics JP ROM ENG - YouTube

04/07/2021 Like my Ultraman Z video, this is a video edit of Ultraman Taiga's op with lyrics in Japanese, romanization, and English.I do not own Ultraman, all rights an...


GO ULTRAMAN !!! ULTRAMAN TRIGGER VS MONSTER#ultraman #ultramanzero #ultramandecker #laguultraman #ultramanribut #ultramanz #ultramanx #ultramandyna #filmultr...

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Ultraman Powered - Episode 2 - YouTube - video Dailymotion

02/05/2013 1:27. 1995 - Ultraman Powered - Abertura. Jairo JAIRO. 4:23. Ultraman Powered Japanese OP (Lyrics) 4:38. Ultraman Powered 2nd Japanese ED - Starlight Fantasy (Lyrics) KemurSeijinUS. SoundCloud & YouTube powered music player for Chrome.

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YouTube ULTRAMAN CHANNEL GUIDE | Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd

TUESDAY: ULTRAMAN ORB Malay dub ver./ULTRAMAN TAIGA Taiwanese Mandarin ver. WEDNESDAY: ULTRAMAN GEED Korean ver. THURSDAY: ULTRAMAN TRIGGER Thai ver. FRIDAY: ULTRAMAN Z Cantonese ver. / ULTRAMAN TRIGGER Chinese ver. SATURDAY: ULTRAMAN DECKER. The other specials videos can also be watched on the Youtube channel.

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ULTRAMAN Official - Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd

13/05/2022 Watch the newest series or catch up on your favorite classic Ultraman series for free! Updated daily! Ultraman Official YouTube Channel.

ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Taiwanese Mandarin Channel Debuts

28/12/2021 To warm up the broadcast, we have created a sub-channel where you can watch Taiwanese Mandarin-dubbed content ! Every Tuesday 7pm (TST) ULTRAMAN Z. For Chinese (mandarin) speaking fans: YouTube -ULTRAMAN Chinese Official-. For Korean speaking fans: YouTube -ULTRAMAN Korean Official-.

New Ultraman Z Will Be Released On YouTube With English Subtitles On 19

18/06/2020 Ultraman may have first made his appearance some 50 years ago, but his legacy has hardly withered even with the passage of time. Following previous partnerships with Crunchyroll to provide simulcast releases of Ultraman X and Ultraman Orb , studio Tsuburaya Productions is looking to host its upcoming Ultraman Z series on YouTube , which will be graced with English subtitles .

My first Ultraman YouTube channel. I already have 9 videos, go watch it

r/Ultraman Hey guys i found these awesome ultraman artwork from a chinese tiktok acc but cant seem to find the real artist. I really wanna make some of these my wallpaper but theres a little small watermark which i think is not the original creators one. Can u guys help me find the original creator.

Ultraman Jack | ULTRAMAN | Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd

01/07/2022 Height - 40 m. Weight - 35,000 t. Special Moves - Spacium Beam. Same as the first Ultraman who came to Earth, Spacium Energy, which is stored in all over the body, is gathered into both arms and a white-colored destructive beam is shot from the right hand after arms arranged in a cross shape.


15/07/2022 YouTube ULTRAMAN Official Channel &more""

Ultraman Cosmos To Air On YouTube and Receives New Merchandise

16/05/2021 With the 20th anniversary of Ultraman Cosmos coming up soon, Tsuburaya Productions have made some announcements to celebrate its anniversary. To start off, a circulation of the Ultraman Cosmos series has started airing on YouTube. Every Tuesday and Thursday a new episode of Ultraman Cosmos will upload to the Official Ultraman YouTube Channel. The airing of Ultraman Cosmos is currently only available to Japanese viewers.