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Ymir was a planet of grasslands, rivers and lakes. It was considered a pleasant world. Ymir was settled by several thousand refugees escaping the oppressive government on Idania. The planet was located in the Jarkolis star system. It hosted a small population spread amongst single-family...

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Ymir or more famously as the Hero of Kvatch (also known as the Savior of Bruma, [1] 7th Champion of Cyrodiil, [2] Second Divine Crusader, [3] Aurgelmir, Brimir, or Blinn) is the protagonist of the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and its expasions, Knights of the Nine and Yggdrasil . Ymir was the son of Yggdrasil and the precursor of the sir and the ...

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16/11/2022 Aurgelmir, also called Ymir, Brimir, or Blinn was the first sentient being to come into existence; birthed from the drops of venom that dripped from the icy rivers of livgar that went onto the great and grassless void of Ginnungagap. Ymir is the ancestor of all the giants; he gave birth to a male and female from the pits of his arms, and his legs produced a six-headed being.

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In Ymir, war is a diplomatic action that requires to select a casus-belli to be declared and to pay some Politics Points. This can be done by selecting a foreign territory of the target on the world map, and from its owner's character profile clicking the "diplomatic actions" button and selecting "declare war".

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Star Wars Fanonpedia is a Fandom-hosted, fanon-themed wiki providing space for sharing one's own Star Wars fanon, fanart, and fanfiction online. Ever since founded on July 5th, 2015, Star Wars Fanonpedia has attained the threshold of 3100 articles, [1] published by nearly two thousand users, 85 out of whom have since joined the community of Fanonpedists to share their own fanon creation.

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Ymir is a human-like demon with the abilities of Ice and Iron, and was the teacher of Dreaded Silver, in which to teach him Cold-Iron Slayer magic. After Silvers training was complete Ymir realistically had nowhere to go, So Silver offered him a place in the Purple Phoenix Guild, however sadly not the Tyrant Lancers team- due to the team already having 4 members. Ymir agreed to join the Guild ...

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Emir was a title of rulership or authority over others. Early in the Clone Wars, the Foreman of the Techno Union, Wat Tambor, was appointed emir of Ryloth during the Separatist occupation of that planet. Star Wars Adventures: The Clone Wars Battle Tales 2 (In flashback(s)) Star Wars: The Clone...

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Star Wars is an American epic space opera franchise centered on a film series created by George Lucas. The popular film series has spawned an extensive media franchise which is organized as canon. The Expanded Universe includes books, television series, computer and video games, and comic books. These supplements to the three film trilogies have ...

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Akmir's capital was an Imperial city with scattered Mandalorian-style villages. Akmir was discovered by an expeditionary unit within Manda'lor, the Courageous arctic special operations force. The main villages were Kaznan, Vladiv, Chuchiku and a Death Watch camp. The villages were Mandalorian or clone deserter camps.

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Star Wars is a film franchise, that extends to spin off books, comics, animated series and video games. The Star Wars franchise takes place in a distant unnamed fictional galaxy at an undetermined point in the ancient past, where many species of aliens (often humanoid) co-exist. People own...

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"Freeze? Ha. My specialty is turning enemies into an ice cube. I also make ice cream. I freeze, my flaming brother Hawth melts them." YmirYmir (aka Isa) is a character and superboss in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Magician's Sword. Ymir is an ice giant living on Mount Everest. At the same...

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Ymir's name originates from Norse mythology where Ymir is the father of all frost giants. Ymir was killed by the Aesir god Odin and his brothers after which the earth was created from Ymir's body parts. Ymir is based on Ymir, as its name suggests, and freezers, which it devoured. Categories.

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"Allow me ta be tha fir'st ta wel'cme ye ta tha 'Orm Peaks." Bjorn'Ymir Bjorn'Ymir is the emissary of the Sons of Hodir. Because of the isolation of the frost giants, Bjorn'Ymir's job was highly limited...that is, until the Alliance and Horde started arriving in Northrend at war with the Scourge. Now, Bjorn'Ymir is quite busy with visitors to the Storm Peaks. He and his brethren hate the ...

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Ymir was the oldest and most powerful of the Ice Giants, an otherdimensional race of enormous humanoid creatures. The huge size, durability, and colossal strength of the Ice Giants made them formidable foes to the gods of Asgard over the millennia. Ymir was the progenitor of the entire race of Frost Giants, although he differed considerably in appearance from many of his current descendants ...

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The Imperial Kingdom of Zarkania was a Puppet state of the Galactic Empire that was established from the former Confederate States of Earth, located on the planet Earth, following the Imperial victory in the Third Battle of Earth. Despite being Separatist loyalists, Moff Octavian Grant, the leader of the Imperial forces during the Invasion of Earth, sufficiently respected the Confederates for ...

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The Sith Empire, also referred to as the Reconstituted Sith Empire and briefly as the Sith Republic from 3624 BBY to 3621 BBY, was the continuation of the original Sith Empire, which virtually collapsed in the aftermath of the Great Hyperspace War. Originally founded and led by the Sith Lord Darth Vitiate, the empire first established itself on Dromund Kaas, which became its capital.

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Ymir is a sword that was created when Kaname first attempted to use his blaze and arctic releases together. His first attempt failed causing great damage to his body. This second attempt caused the two natures to become unstable, activating on their own. The third the colliding forces caused water to from which formed into and orb.

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Ymir is a Marvel Comics character that appeared in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., Ultimate Spider-Man, and Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight. He is awakened from his ice volcano prison on Earth by Laufey as part of the Frost Giants ' plot to bring an endless winter to Earth.

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Ymir is melted by Mangog. Loki informed Thor that Ymir could not be defeated as long as he had ice with which to regenerate himself. He showed Thor to the Cave of Ages and told him that it contained a weapon so powerful that it could melt all of Niflheim. Ymir returned and warned Thor not to open the cave or all of the Nine Realms would suffer for it. Not believing him, Thor went to open it anyway.

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Rahm Kota's Militia was a unique combat unit of battle-hardened soldiers that fought in the service of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. While the members of the Jedi Order accepted high-ranking positions in the Grand Army of the Republic, Master Kota refused to have anything to do with the new Clone Army. He neither trusted the clones nor saw them as effective soldiers. Hence, Kota ...

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B-1 Battle Droid; B2-HA Super Battle Droid; Vulture Droid; LM-432 crab droid; A-DSD advanced dwarf spider droid; B90 Ultra Heavy Battle Droid; B98 Heavy Siege Droid

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Timeline. 34 ABY. [Source] Star Wars: X-wing Fighter was a free online browser game developed by Disney Interactive that adapts the events of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. The game was released in April 20, 2017 and could be played on Disney.co.uk. [1] This game-related article is a stub. You can help Wookieepedia by expanding it .

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The Mandator-II Star Dreadnaught was a model of Star Dreadnought created by Kuat Drive Yards that served in the Galactic Republic Navy at the time of the Clone Wars. The Mandator II-class was a powerful vessel. While Star Destroyers like the Venator-class could stand up to a handful of Separatist Recusant-class light destroyers, a Star Dreadnought like the Mandator II-class could withstand an ...

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The Jedi Bomber was a starfighter used by members of the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars. The Jedi bomber was a starfighter which resembled the Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor due to its design and the fact that an astromech droid was mounted in the middle of the bomber. However, the Jedi Bomber was able to accommodate two pilots in the vessel. It was armed with warhead ...

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More Star Wars : The Clone Wars Fanon Wiki. 1 Repulsor; 2 Hyena-class Droid Fighter/Bomber; 3 Strisethea-class Star Carrier; Explore Wikis Universal Conquest Wiki. ... Star Wars : The Clone Wars Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. View Mobile Site

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The original Star Wars trilogy is the first installment of films of the Star Wars saga, which focuses on the Rebel Alliance trying to free the galaxy from the clutches of the Galactic Empire, as well as Luke Skywalker's quest to become a Jedi and face Sith Lord Darth Vader. It is sometimes called the classic trilogy in contrast to the prequel trilogy. The sequel trilogy takes place after ...

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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (known as Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D on the PC) is an arcade-style action game co-developed by Factor 5 and LucasArts. The first of three games in the Rogue Squadron series, it was published by LucasArts and Nintendo and released for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo 64 in December 1998. Rogue Squadron was one of the first games to take advantage of the Nintendo 64's ...