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Warehouse | Ikariam | Fandom

The Warehouse increases the possible storage capacity of your town. For every expansion of the Warehouse you get from 8,000 (Level 1) to 59,533,143 (Level 85) additional storage capacity for each resource. You can build up to a maximum of 5 Warehouses per town and up to a maximum of 3 Dumps .

Warehouse | Ikariam | Fandom

Description. A part of your supplies is protected at the Warehouse. It keeps mean pillagers, rain, birds and other pests away. The warehouse keeper is also always well informed about your resource storage. Expanding your warehouse allows you to protect more supplies.

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To increase storage capacity, upgrade your Warehouse, build another warehouse (limit 4) or build a Dump. New players are limited to only 4 Warehouses and 1 Dump . Older players who already had more than 4 warehouses, can keep them but only the 4 largest warehouses will be safe from pillaging .

Warehouse | Ikariam Wiki | Fandom

In-Game Description. Some of your supplies are protected from pillagers at the warehouse. It keeps rain, birds and other pests away. The warehouse keeper is also always well informed about your supplies. Expanding your warehouse allows you to protect and store more resources.

Dockyard | Ikariam | Fandom

Description The dockyard is the pride of any trading empire: the freighters made here reach the remotest corners of the known world and return with large quantities of valuable goods. The sum of your dockyards' levels equals the maximum number of freighters you can build. Docyard Information This building was added with Patch 8.10.0.

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Karlsruhe, Germany (November 8, 2023) - Gameforge, a leading Western publisher of MMORPGs, today announced an upcoming content update to Ikariam, the massively multiplayer online game set in ancient Greece. Titled Gods of Olympus, the new update will be introduced to the free-to-play, browser-based game later this winter.

How many depots / Warehouse is needed for the upgrading - Ikariam

Dec 27, 2022 By the time you get to a lvl 20 Depot, a lvl 31 warehouse is cheaper and holds more. From there on, a warehouse is the better option based on the total resources needed for the capacity gained. It is also used in Piracy reward calculations and has a safe level function.

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Welcome to the Ikariam Wiki An unofficial wiki currently in development to provide information for the online game Ikariam by Gameforge. New and revised, with updated content. For now, check out The Beginner's Guide . Categories Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

spying wearhouse - Tutorials and Guides - Ikariam

Oct 11, 2022 For active players each Warehouse level protects 480 of each resource and the Town hall adds 100. For inactive players each Warehouse level protects 80 of each resource and the Town hall adds 15. https://ikariam.fandom.com/wiki/Building:Warehouse/0-10. check the protection column.

The Beginner's Guide | Ikariam Wiki | Fandom

Warehouse - Stores resources. Palaces / GRs - Enable you to make more colonies, and reduce corruption in said colonies. Hideout - Allows you to make spies to conduct espionage and counter-espionage.

Most efficient building list: Architect and Workshop - Ikariam

12. Oktober 2022. +10. #1. Hello, together; After the new levels became possible, I have computed out the most resource efficient list of how to build up workshop and architect. Most wasteful way for max. level: 11.469.940 resources.

Guide for account expansion beyond 12 cities - Ikariam

74. Beitrge. 110. 4. November 2022. +3. #1. Hi! With the new changes to the game, of course that many of us started to think about expanding their accounts, either beyond the 12 cities limit, or beyond the Town Hall max level of 37 (without capacity doubling).

lootable resources bug in warehouse - Archive: Discussions - Ikariam

Oct 18, 2020 18. Oktober 2020 #1 Hi, I guess the pic is rather self explanatory. It happened recently, doesn't seem to fix itself. Happens only in one town, in this case the capital. I'm not sure what triggered it, I think it happened after a barbarian attack where my town was unprotected and they actually took some resources off from me.

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Welcome to Ikariam Wiki! The Community Portal is where this wiki community comes together to organize and discuss projects for the wiki. To see the most recent discussions, click the Discussion tab above. You can find out more general information about the wiki on the About page.

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"Welcome to Discussions!" and more great discussions about Ikariam Wiki

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Ikariam is a free online real-time strategy game released in 2008 by Gameforge AG. The concept behind Ikariam is much like Sid Meier's well-known Civilization games. Each player is given a small town and constructs buildings such as Barracks, Ports, and Taverns to create a larger town, and...

Intermediary Level - Ikariam Kings

You have 4 medium level warehouses per town and now the time has come to replace one of them with a dump. Chose your safest city: the one least likely to be attacked. Select a lowest level warehouse or failing that, one on the left and demolish it. Build a dump in its place.

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Warehouse Workshop Template:Col-4 Production Buildings: Alchemist's Tower Forester's House Glassblower Stonemason Winegrower Template:Col-4 Reduction Buildings: Architect's Office Carpenter Firework Test Area Optician Wine Press Template:Col-4 Resources: Crystal Glass ( Crystal mine)

Ikariam Locations - Giant Bomb

Released February 2008 PC Browser Ikariam is a browser based game. Where you start of with a small island town and from there you can either trade or wage war or your neighbors. Locations Tropical Island Tropical islands have been featured in major games such as Far Cry and Monkey Island.

Warehouse 13 Wiki | Fandom

Wiki: Manual of Style. Warehouse 13 was a dramatic comedy that followed United States Secret Service agents Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) and Peter Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) as they retrieved new and missing supernatural objects and placed them in Warehouse 13, a secret government warehouse.

Resource | Travian | Fandom

1 Summary 2 Resource Acquisition 2.1 Production Within A Village 2.2 Trade 2.3 Reinforcement 2.4 Raiding Enemy Villages 3 Types of Resources 3.1 Wood 3.1.1 3.1.2 Building Costs 3.1.3 Construction Times Construction Period Based On Main Building Levels 1-10 Construction Period Based On Main Building Levels 11-20 3.2 Clay

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