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Tokyo ( Tky, bahasa Jepang: [toko] ( simak); lit. "Ibu kota Timur"), nama resminya Metropolis Tokyo ( Tky-to), adalah salah satu dari 47 prefektur Jepang yang menjadi ibu kota Jepang sejak 1869. [6] [7] Hingga 2018, Tokyo Raya menempati peringkat pertama sebagai wilayah metropolitan terpadat di dunia. [8]

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Not to be confused with Kyoto. Tokyo ( Japanese: , romanized : Tky, lit. 'Eastern Capital') is the capital and largest city of Japan located on the island of Honshu in the region of kanto. Tokyo is the center of the Japanese government. The Imperial Palace is in Tokyo, it's not actually public for tourist.

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Tokyo city was initially represented by nine members in the House of Representatives, the elected lower house of the Imperial Diet: In the initial election of 1890, Tokyo city's wards were distributed over nine single-member electoral districts (Tokyo 1 to 9). In the early 20th century it elected eleven Representatives in the Tokyo city district. During the short return to single-member districts in the elections of 1920 and 1924, the city was covered by eleven single-member districts.

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List [ edit] Tokyo. Tokyo. Hachiji. Machida. Fuch. The following table lists the 31 cities, towns and villages in Tokyo with a population of at least 5,000 on October 1, 2020, according to the 2020 Census. The table also gives an overview of the evolution of the population since the 1995 census. [1]

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Tokyo (, Tky-shi) was a Japanese city in Tokyo Prefecture in 1889 through 1943. History. In 1869, the city of Edo was renamed Tokyo, which means "Eastern Capital". The offices of Tokyo Prefecture were also opened. In 1943, the city was abolished.

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Tokyo Dome City, referred to as Big Egg City before January 1, 2000, is an entertainment complex in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan. It also includes the world's largest roofed baseball stadium, known as Tokyo Dome; an amusement park known as Tokyo Dome City Attractions; and Korakuen Hall. In May 2003, a spa resort known as LaQua opened for business near Tokyo Dome City Attractions. It also hosts character shows for Toei Company's Toei Superheroes, including the Kamen Rider and Super Sentai series. The Tok

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Tokyo City University, often called Toshi-dai or TCU for short, is an engineering, environmental and information sciences focused private university located in Tokyo, Japan. The university has four campuses, the Setagaya campus close to the Tama River at Oyamadai, Setagaya, Tokyo being the main campus. The other three campuses are the Yokohama campus, located in Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, the zenji campus, located in Asao-ku, Kawasaki and the Todoroki campus, located in Setagaya, Tokyo.

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26/04/2022 The Tokyo city council/assembly (Tky-shikai) was first elected in May 1889. Each ward also retained its own assembly. City and prefectural government were separated in 1898., and the government began to appoint a separate mayor of Tokyo City in 1898, but retained ward-level legislation, which continues to this day in the special ward system. From 1926, the mayor was elected by the elected city council/assembly from its own ranks. The city hall of Tokyo was located in the Yrakuch ...

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Tokyo ke matlab, Japanese me, "the Eastern capital" hae. Tokyo, Japan ke capital It became the capital 19th century ke biich me banaa, jab iske naam badal ke "Edo" se "Tokyo" karaa gais. Isse pahile Kyoto, Japan ke capital rahaa.

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16/08/2022 Over 500 years old, the city of Tokyo has come a long way from its modest beginnings as a fishing village named Edo (). The city only truly began to grow when it became the seat of the Tokugawa shogunate in 1603. While the emperor ruled in name from Kyoto, the true power was concentrated in the hands of the Tokugawa shogun in Edo. After the Meiji restoration in 1868, during which the Tokugawa family lost its influence, the emperor and the imperial family moved here from Kyoto, and the ...

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Tokyo is the cultural, business, and political center of the country. It is also the center of many transport systems. There are many air, rail, sea, and road links in and out of the city. Local subway and bus systems serve every part of the city. Two commercial airports serve Tokyo. Haneda Airport is in the city limits next to Tokyo Bay.

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Tokyo City historic municipality in Japan, 1889-1943. now area of 23 special wards ...

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19/09/2022 Tokyo. capital and largest city of Japan. From top to bottom: Shinjuku business district; Tokyo Skytree Tower; the Rainbow Bridge; the Shibuya shopping district; the Parliament building. 1:31.

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16/10/2022 From top to bottom: Shinjuku business district; Tokyo Skytree Tower; the Rainbow Bridge; the Shibuya shopping district; the Parliament building

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Tokyo Dome merupakan stadion kandang dari tim bisbol Yomiuri Giants. Selain bisbol, Tokyo Dome juga digunakan untuk tempat pertandingan bola basket , sepak bola Amerika , sepak bola , gulat profesional , seni bela diri campuran, kickboxing , balapan truk monster, dan konser musik.

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Tokyo is a promotional single released October 7th, 2014, produced and sung jointly by Owl City and SEKAI NO OWARI. It also appears as the fourth track on the Japanese edition of Mobile Orchestra. The official audio was released on Youtube on the same day. The official visualizer released a month later on November 18th, 2014, features the Owl City ...

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Tokyo is the capital of Japan. The greater metropolian area of Tokyo may have the largest population of any metro area in the world. (Ref: Wikipedia:List of metropolitan areas by population.) The metropolis has a population of over 12 million but the city proper (23 Special wards) area has a population of 8 million people. List of special wards

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The Esperion is based on the real-life J-League club Kashiwa Reysol. While the Reysol's main sponsor is Hitachi, Esperion's sponsor is Kaidou. Both companies have similar motto "Inspire the Next" for Hitachi, and "Inspiration Works" for Kaidou. However, the Reysol is based in Chiba, a large city next to Tokyo.