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Tokyo (, Tky, bahasa Jepang: ; lit. "Ibu kota Timur"), nama resminya Metropolis Tokyo (, Tky-to), adalah salah satu dari 47 prefektur Jepang yang menjadi ibu kota Jepang sejak 1869. Hingga 2018, Tokyo Raya menempati peringkat pertama sebagai wilayah metropolitan terpadat di dunia.

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Geographische Lage. Tokio liegt an der Bucht von Tokio auf der Insel Honsh, der grten der vier Hauptinseln des japanischen Archipels, in der Kant-Ebene (Kant-heiya) durchschnittlich sechs Meter ber dem Meeresspiegel. Kant ist das Gebiet, das in weitem Bogen um die Tokiobucht liegt. Der Name Kant bedeutet stlich der Barriere eine historische Bezeichnung.

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Tokio of Tokyo is een van de 47 prefecturen of provincies van Japan.De naam wordt bij transcriptie volgens het gangbare Hepburnsysteem meestal gespeld als Tky ( uitspraak Japans (info / uitleg)) en betekent letterlijk: "Oostelijke hoofdstad".Officieel gebruikt men ook de naam , ofwel Tky-to, en dat betekent metropool Tokio of prefectuur Tokio.

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Tokio is a Japanese rock/pop band formed by Johnny & Associates that debuted in 1994. It is made up of three men who were signed with Sony Music Entertainment from 1994 to 2001, with Universal Music Japan from 2001 to 2008, and are now signed under J Storm, a label owned by Johnny & Associates. In addition to their activities as a band, the members of Tokio also act in dozens of dramas and host variety programmes, both as a group and individually. The group's name "Tokio" was the old English rom

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Tokio (jap. , Tky, itinen pkaupunki) on Japanin pkaupunki ja suurin kaupunki.. Hallinnollisesti Tokio-nimist kaupunkia ei ole olemassa, vaan Tokion metropoli tai Tokion prefektuuri (jap. , Tky-to) on yksi Japanin 47 prefektuurista.Se sijaitsee Kantn alueella Japanin psaaren Honshn keskiosassa Tyynenmeren ja Tokionlahden rannalla.

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Tokyo City was a municipality in Japan and part of Tokyo-fu which existed from 1 May 1889 until its merger with its prefecture on 1 July 1943. The historical boundaries of Tokyo City are now occupied by the Special Wards of Tokyo. The new merged government became what is now Tokyo, also known as the Tokyo Metropolis, or, ambiguously, Tokyo Prefecture.

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Merde (French for the swear "shit") is the name given to an unkempt, gibberish-spewing subterranean creature of the Tokyo sewers (played by Denis Lavant), who rises from the underground lair where he dwells to attack unsuspecting locals in increasingly brazen and terrifying ways. He steals cash and cigarettes from passers-by, frightens old women and sexually assaults schoolgirls, resulting in a televised media frenzy that creates mounting hysteria among the Tokyo populace.

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Tokio tambin tiene 26 ciudades satlites (-shi), cinco pueblos (-ch o -machi), y ocho villas (-son o -mura), cada uno de los cuales tiene un gobierno propio. Se puede resumir que Tokio tiene tres distinciones geogrficas en su significado. Prefectura de Tokio es el gobierno local con el nombre de Tokio. Su poblacin es de 12 527 115 habitantes y su superficie de 2187,08 km.

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Tokio was first announced in 2016 as a framework for building fast network applications. In 2017, Tokio received a grant from the Mozilla Open Source Support fund. Tokio 0.3 was released in October 2020, and treated as a beta release preceding an eventual 1.0 stable release.

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Toki Japn fvrosa, kzigazgatsi kzpontja, a japn kormny s a csszr szkhelye. Egyike Japn 47 prefektrjnak, nem egyetlen vrosknt kormnyozzk. Hozzvetlegesen 14 milli ember az orszg lakossgnak 10%-a l Tokiban, mg a Nagy Toki Agglomerciban 3336 millian laknak, s ezzel ez a vilg legnpesebb urbanizlt terlete. Mint az orszg politikai, zleti, gazdasgi, oktatsgyi s kulturlis kzpontja, Japnon bell ...

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Tokyo (Japanese: , romanized: Tky, lit. 'Eastern Capital') is the capital and largest city of Japan located on the island of Honshu in the region of kanto. Tokyo is the center of the Japanese government. The Imperial Palace is in Tokyo, it's not actually public for tourist. Tokyo is the center of business, trade, and industry of

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Tokio, oficilnm nzvem Metropolitn msto Tokio, je hlavn msto[pozn. 2] a nejlidnatj prefektura Japonska. Rozlh se u Tokijskho zlivu a tvo region Kant, lec na centrlnm tichomoskm pobe hlavnho japonskho ostrova Hon. Tokio je politick a ekonomick centrum sttu, stejn jako je sdlem japonskho csae a nrodn vldy. K roku 2021 ilo v prefektue 13 960 236 obyvatel. Velk Tokio je nejvt metropolitn oblast na ...

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Toki, a 1986 video game originally released as Scramble Formation. City of Tokio, an iron steamship built in 1874 in the USA. Tokio (yacht) Tokio Express, a container ship that caused the great Lego spill of 1997. Tokio (software), asynchronous input/output software library for the Rust programming language.

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Portal Japonia. Kwarta nocnej rozrywki Kabuki-ch w dzielnicy Shinjuku. Tokio i ( jap. Tky-to) stolica i najwiksze miasto Japonii, pooone na poudniowo-wschodnim wybrzeu Honsiu i zarazem najwikszy obszar metropolitalny na wiecie na poziomie 38 305 000 mieszkacw (stan na kwiecie 2018) [3].

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Tokyo Dark is a point-and-click adventure game developed by the indie developer Cherrymochi and published by Square Enix Collective for Microsoft Windows and macOS.It follows the story of Detective It Ayami who searches for her missing partner, Detective Kazuki Tanaka, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances while following a case.

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The discography of Tokio Hotel, a German rock group, consists of seven studio albums, two live albums, four EPs, two compilation albums, thirty-five singles, thirty-nine music videos, seven lyric videos, five video albums and one movie.Tokio Hotel was formed in 2001 in Magdeburg, Germany, by singer Bill Kaulitz, guitarist Tom Kaulitz, drummer Gustav Schfer and bassist Georg Listing.

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Tokio lii Jaapaan sturrmus kaavpug j uivikaavpug. Panoraamkove. Tokio panoraamkove. Fdst eres soojijn. Wikimedia Commonsist l koveh teikk eres tituvurhh fdst Tokio. Kldeeh. Aasia uivikaavpugeh; Abu ...

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Tokio is an unincorporated community in Terry County, Texas, United States.According to the Handbook of Texas, the community had an estimated population of 24 in 2000. The town was named after the capital city of Japan with the same name. The town of Tokio was founded in 1908, and relocated a mile south to the current location in 1928 when US highway 380 was redirected.

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Portal anime dan manga. Tokyo Ghoul ( bahasa Jepang: Hepburn: Tky Gru) adalah sebuah seri manga seinen Jepang bergenre fantasi gelap yang ditulis dan diilustrasikan oleh Sui Ishida. Manga ini mulai dimuat dalam majalah Weekly Young Jump terbitan Shueisha sejak bulan September 2011 hingga September 2014, dan telah dibundel menjadi ...

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Iske naam ke badal ke Tokyo (Tky: t (east) + ky (capital)) uu time pe karaa gais jab ki ii 1868 me imperial capital banaa. Meiji period ke suruu waala time me ii city ke "Tkei," ke naam se bhi jaana jaawat rahaa kaahe ki iske likhe me wahii Chinese characters kaam me lawa jaawe hae jissee ki "Tokyo" likha jaawe hae.

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Tokyo (o Tokio) em i kapitol na taun bikpela tumas bilong kantri Siapan long Esia. Tokyo. 36 milion manmeri i stap long Tokio na narapala bikpela biktaun klostu em ol i kolim Yokohama This page was last edited on 10 Februeri 2017, at 01:41. Text is ...