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The Republic of South Africa is a country in the southern region of Africa. About fifty-seven million people live there. South Africa is next to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho, and eSwatini. The biggest city of South Africa is Johannesburg. The country has three capitals for different purposes.

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South African English (Afrikaans: Suid-Afrikaanse Engels, Zulu: IsiNgisi saseNingizimu Afrika, Xhosa: IsiNgesi saseMzantsi Afrika) is a dialect of English spoken in South Africa. English is the main language of business, school and government in South Africa and is used for day-to-day communication. It (along with Afrikaans and 9 other native languages) is an official language of South Africa. It uses British English spelling and sounds similar to Australian English and New Zealand English ...

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The South African Republic (Dutch: Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek, ZAR), often informally called the Transvaal Republic, was a sovereign state in southern Africa ruled by the Afrikaners. It was defeated by the UK and its colonies, the British Cape Colony and the Colony of Natal in the Second Boer War and became the British colony of Transvaal

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In 1915, South Africa captured the German colony. It became a League of Nations Mandate territory, with the Union of South Africa administering it. In 1946, the League of Nations was replaced by the United Nations. The Mandate was supposed to become a Trust Territory when the League of Nations Mandates were transferred to the control of the UN. However, South Africa refused, regarding the territory as its fifth province (even though it was never formally incorporated into the Union of South ...

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On 31 May 1910, the Cape Colony, Natal Colony, Transvaal and the Orange River Colony were united in one state called the Union of South Africa.The Union of South Africa adopted a system of governance based on the political system of the United Kingdom.The British monarch was the ceremonial head of state of South Africa and was represented by a Governor-General.

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Template:Country data South Africa is an internal data container not intended to be transcluded directly. It is used indirectly by templates such as flag, flagicon, and others. This template is within the scope of WikiProject Flag Template, a collaborative effort to maintain flag templates on Wikipedia. A more thorough discussion of the flag ...

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German South West Africa (German: Deutsch-Sdwestafrika, DSWA) was a German colony in Africa from 1884 through 1915.It is now Namibia.From 1891, the capital was Windhoek, the same city as the capital of today's Namibia. It covered an area of 835,100 km 2 (322,434 sq mi).This is over one and half times the size of the German Empire at the time.

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South Africa hosted the 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup and 2007 ICC World Twenty20 . South Africa is among a very few countries which have participated in world cups of all three major sports cricket, football, and rugby. England, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, and Australia are among other such nations. Other popular sports include: athletics ...

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African National Congress Archived 2006-06-15 at the Wayback Machine official site. Response by the ANC General Secretary to COSATU's assessment, 2004 Archived 2004-12-04 at the Wayback Machine. " Today it feels good to be an African Archived 2006-06-15 at the Wayback Machine " Thabo Mbeki, Cape Town, 8 May 1996.

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South Africa 05 Brazil. ( Johannesburg, South Africa; 5 March 2014) World Cup. Appearances. 3 ( first in 1998) Best result. Group stage, 1998, 2002 and 2010. Africa Cup of Nations. Appearances.

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South Africa occupies the southern area of Africa, its coastline stretching more than 2,850 kilometers (1,770 miles) from the desert border within Namibia on the Atlantic (western) coast southwards around the tip of Africa and then northeast to the border with Mozambique on the Indian Ocean.

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The entrance to La Concorde, KWV Head Office in Paarl, South Africa. History. KWV was founded as a winemaking co-operative on 8 January 1918 by wine makers from the Western Cape in South Africa, with Dr. Charles Kohler as its chairperson. The name Koperatieve Wijnbouwers Vereniging van Suid-Afrika is Afrikaans for "Co-operative Winemakers Union' of South Africa".

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12 November 1780 - Piet Retief, Voortrekker leader is born at Wagenmakersvallei, Cape Colony. (d. 1838) 10 August 1783 - Louis Tregardt, Voortrekker leader, is born at Kango, in the Swellendam District. (d. 1838) July 1787 - Shaka kaSenzangakhona, Zulu monarch, is born near present-day Melmoth, KwaZulu-Natal Province. (d.

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South West Africa was the name for Namibia when it was under German control from 18841915 and South African control from 19151990. On March 21, 1990 South West Africa changed its name to Namibia and became independent from South Africa. German South West Africa (18841915) South West Africa (19151990)

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South Papua is the planned new province in Papua. Tito Karnavian, as Minister of Home Affairs Indonesia has stated that South Papua is ready to become a new province. The districts that joined the new province candidates consisted of 4 districts and 1 municipality (under the expansion plan). [1] [2] [3]

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The Congress of the People (COPE) is a South African political party formed in 2008 by former members of the African National Congress (ANC). The party was founded by former ANC members Mosiuoa Lekota, Mbhazima Shilowa and Mluleki George to contest the 2009 general election.The party was announced following a national convention held in Sandton on 1 November 2008, and was founded at a congress ...

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20 Boeremag members Dirk Hanekom and Henk van Zyl are arrested in Memel, Free State, but only Hanekom is charged. 22 A South African Air Force Museum T-6G Harvard crashes into power lines during a flypast at Africa Aerospace and Defence 2002, being held at AFB Waterkloof, Pretoria. Pilot Colonel Jeff Earle escapes with minor injuries.

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Human rights in South Africa are protected under the constitution.The 1998 Human Rights report by Myles Nadioo noted that the government generally respected the rights of the citizens; however, there were concerns over the use of force by law enforcement, legal proceedings and discrimination. The Human Rights Commission is mandated by the South African Constitution and the Human Rights ...

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President before election. Moon Jae-in. Democratic. Elected President. Yoon Suk-yeol. People Power. The 2022 South Korean presidential election, or 20th Republic of Korea presidential election ( Hangul: 20 ) in South Korea, was held in South Korea on 9 March 2022. It was the eighth presidential election .

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South West Papua is a new province planned in West Papua or West Papua.The governor Dominggus Mandacan, as Governor of West Papua or West Papua, Indonesia has stated that Southwest Papua is ready to be made a new province. according to the expectations of the people of the Sorong Raya region because the expansion of the new autonomous regions of Southwest Papua is to shorten service distances ...

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The West African crocodile lives in West and Central Africa. From the east to South Sudan and Uganda, and south of Democratic Republic of the Congo. Other countries where they live include Mauritania, Benin, Liberia, Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, Chad, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Guinea ...

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SWAPO was founded on 19 April 1960. The leaders named the party to show that it represented all Namibians but the organisation is popular among Ovambo people of northern Namibia, who made up nearly half the total population of South West Africa. South West Africa. During 1962, SWAPO had became the dominant independence, anti-colonial organisation for the people in Namibia. SWAPO used guerrilla tactics to fight the colonial South African Defence Force. A major conflict broke out on 26 of ...

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The First Lady of the Republic of Korea (Korean: ; Hanja: , informally referred to as FLOTROK or FLOSK ), commonly known as the First Lady of South Korea, is the titled held by the hostess of the presidential residence, usually the wife of the President of South Korea . Kim Keon ...

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The Congo River (also known as Zaire River) is the largest river in Africa. Its overall length of 4,700 km (2,922 miles) makes it the second longest in Africa (after the Nile ). The river and its tributaries flow through the second largest rain forest area in the world, [1] second only to the Amazon Rainforest in South America.

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Suryakumar Yadav (Ind) The South African cricket team toured India in September and October 2022 to play three One Day International (ODI) and three Twenty20 International (T20I) matches as a preparatory series before 2022 ICC Men's T20 World Cup. [1] In August 2022, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) confirmed the schedule for ...

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English. Budget. $80 million. Box office. $230,418,342. Space Jam is a 1996 American live-action / animated sports comedy movie directed by Joe Pytka and produced by Ivan Reitman, Joe Medjuck, and Daniel Goldberg. It stars former basketball star Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes. The movie won a Grammy Award in 1997 for Best Song Written ...

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Korea (2018) North Korea at the Olympics is a history which includes 17 games in 14 countries and 300+ athletes. [1] Since 1946, North Korea has contributed to the growth of the "Olympic Movement". [2] The International Olympic Committee 's official abbreviation for the North Korea was NKO. It is now PRK.

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Wet tropical forests are the most species-rich biome.Tropical forests in the Americas have more species than African and Asian wet forests.. More than one-third of all species in the world live in the Amazon rainforest. It is the richest tropical forest in the world in terms of biodiversity.. The region is home to ~2.5 million insect species, tens of thousands of species of plants, and some ...

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View history. From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Old convent building in Kapunda. Kapunda is a town in South Australia, 79 km north of Adelaide. [1] First settled in 1842, it is the oldest copper mining town in Australia. [2] The name Kapunda comes from an Aboriginal words cappie oonda, which meant spring of water. [1]