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CIS Controls Self Assessment Tool (CIS CSAT)

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CIS Controls Self Assessment Tool (CIS CSAT)

The CIS Controls Self Assessment Tool, also known as CIS CSAT, enables organizations to assess and track their implementation of the CIS Critical Security Controls for Versions 8 and 7.1. The CIS Controls are a prioritized set of consensus-developed security best practices used by organizations around the world to defend against cyber threats.

Controls Self-Assessment Tool (CSAT)

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CIS Critical Security Controls Self Assessment Tool (CSAT) Update v1.3.0

Implementing the CIS Controls is a team effort, which is why we worked with our partners at EthicalHat to develop the CIS Controls Self Assessment Tool, or CIS CSAT. This tool was released last year. Now, in v1.3.0, weve released new features based on community feedback. Using CIS CSAT to Track Your Cyber Defense Program. The CIS Controls Self Assessment Tool (CSAT) is a companion tool that helps IT security teams track their implementation of every CIS Control and Sub-Control.

CSAT Pro User Guide - CIS Controls Self Assessment Tool Document Library

The CIS Controls Self Assessment Tool (CSAT) is a web application that helps organizations track their implementation of the CIS Critical Security Controls (CIS Controls) down to the Safeguard/Sub-Control level (please note that Safeguard is the newer term in CIS Controls v8, while Sub-Control was the term used previously in CIS Controls v7.1; both CSAT and this guide use the two terms interchangeably).

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The CSAT is a software product developed by experienced security professionals. It collects relevant security data from different sources in the hybrid IT environment. The CSAT is using dissolvable agents which delete themselves following the endpoint scan. The effort required from the internal IT department is kept to a minimum.

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Confidential information shall include, without limitation, the Tools, the information provided by Licensee in registering or using the Tools, including, without limitation, any documents uploaded by Licensee to the Tools. Controls Self-Assessment Tool or CSAT shall mean the CIS-hosted web-based tool available at that allows Licensee to assess and document the status of their cybersecurity posture against the CIS Controls.


16/11/2022 CIS-hosted CSAT is based on the popular AuditScripts CIS Controls Manual Assessment Tool, which helps organizations document the implementation, automation, reporting, and formalization of the best practices found in the CIS Controls. CIS-hosted CSAT builds on this work, enabling organizations to collaborate on assessments and scale their tracking over time through an online platform.

CSAT Pro Deployment Guide - CIS Controls Self Assessment Tool Document

The second option is if you already have a certificate (self-signed or a certificate authority) that you would like CIS CSAT Pro to use. The default port for this option is 443. Certificate - File path to the existing certificate. Alias - Alias name for the existing certificate. Keystore Password - Keystore password for the existing certificate. Must meet the requirements set on the Password Configuration page.

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11/08/2021 Controls Self-Assessment Tool or CSAT, the CIS-hosted web-based tool available at that allows you to assess and document the status of your organization's cybersecurity posture against the CIS Controls. CIS CSAT Ransomware Business Impact Analysis tool or BIA tool, a web-based analytical tool allowing you to self-assess the business impact of a cyber loss from the breach of an asset due to ransomware.

CIS Controls Self Assessment Tool (CIS-Hosted CSAT)

18/04/2022 PDF vs PowerPoint Scoring Discrepancy in CSAT; How are individual organization assessment and industry average scores calculated in CSAT? Users and Permission for CIS CSAT tool; H

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Invalid License Key The application's license key is invalid. Please ensure the provided license key is properly formed and untampered with. If membership renewal is required, please contact CIS.

CIS CSAT: A Free Tool for Assessing Implementation of CIS Controls

CIS CSAT is a self-assessment platform which allows teams to join and collaborate on questions related to the CIS Controls. With CIS CSAT, the first person to register from your organization will be designated the Owner. Owners can add additional team members to the platform, so you can work on an implementation of the CIS Controls together. Owners using CIS CSAT can also: Delegate questions to other team members; Set deadlines for each CIS Control and sub-control

CSAT Pro Troubleshooting - CIS Controls Self Assessment Tool Document

You should review your assessment's Sub-Control applicability on the Assessment Summary page as described above. Because you are using the IGs without any deviations (no custom Sub-Control applicability changes), you should be able to use the fixed Implementation Group dropdown (in v1.5.0 or after) for each assessment whose Sub-Control applicability does not match the intended IG.

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30/12/2020 Session 1: First Steps and Choosing a System to Harden. Session 2: Run a Scan with CIS-CAT Pro Assessor. Session 3: How to Use a CIS-CAT HTML Report. Session 4: Configure Systems with CIS Build Kit. Build Kits 101 - Windows 10 Implementation. Download CIS Build Kits from WorkBench - CIS WorkBench / Build Kits.

Leveraging the Controls Self Assessment Tool - CIS

18/04/2019 To help organizations with their adoption of the CIS Controls, CIS has recently released a new tool. This new tool, the CIS Controls Self-Assessment Tool (CIS CSAT), is a free web application that enables security leaders to track and prioritize their implementation of the CIS Controls.

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A cohort-style approach to supporting new graduates and pre-service teachers.

How to run a Historical Self Assessment with CSAT

Solution. Export the current report by downloading the "Control Summary Report" (excel file) under the Reports tab. Go to the CSAT Dashboard. On the top right-hand side of the pag