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27/02/2007 VIP Community Legend. 02-27-2007 02:19 AM. Hi. An etherchannel bundles individual physical links into one logical link to increase the total bandwidth. It also seen as one link by Spanning tree algorithms. A port channel is the logical representation of the etherchannel on the switch. Once you have configured an etherchannel you make all you ...

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26/03/2020 Q) Why Dynamic Etherchannel is recommended compared to Static Etherchannel? --> Dynamic Etherchannel checks all the parameters which were mentioned above before forming the EtherChannel. --> There is a less chance of loop if we use dynamic EtherChannel instead of static EtherChannel.


Etherchannel is the name of the technology used to group multiple physical links. Ciscos way of distinguishing. Port-channel is the name of Cisco's virtual interface for the purpose of Link aggregation. Etherchannel is a term used by Cisco to describe a link aggregation.

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23/02/2012 Perhaps just to add a minor comment: "EtherChannel" or "Link Aggregation" is the particular technology that allows you to bundle several links between two devices and use them simultaneously as a single interface. The "Port-channel" is the name of this virtual interface in IOS.

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20/03/2022 A port in active mode can form a port channel successfully with another port that is in active or passive mode. Passive: Enable LACP only if a LACP device is detected. A port in passive mode cannot form a port channel with another port that is also in passive mode, because neither port will initiate negotiation. On: Enable Etherchannel only. All static port channels (that are not running LACP) remain in

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01/08/2011 etherchannel is the bundle itself of using for example 3 physical ports as 1 logical interface known as a port-channel. so a bit more clarification say you want 2 interfaces fa0/1-0/2 you choose the protocl (lacp or pagp) then you select channel-group 1 in this case it will make a "virtual interface" you can say named port-channel 1. now under this interface it represents fa0/1-0/2 so any ...

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20/07/2012 A Virtual Port Channel (vPC) is an enhancement to MEC that allows for the same sort of functionality building a port channel across two switches without the need for Stackwise or VSS. Both Stackwise and VSS go far beyond just port channels: They actually combine the control and management planes of the member switches effectively turning them into one logical entity.

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EtherChannel refers to the technology whereas Port Channel its the interface name itself. Said this lets dig into some basic parameters to have in consideration when configuring a port channel: Maximum of 8 physical links per port channel, minimum 1. Layer 2 with switch port mode (trunk/access) or L3 with IP address.

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23/03/2022 1. Port Aggregation Protocol (PAgP) The Cisco proprietary protocol Port Aggregation Protocol (PAgP) is an EtherChannel technology. Its a type of data/traffic load balancing that involves the logical aggregation of Cisco Ethernet switch ports. A PAgP EtherChannel can merge up to eight physical links into one virtual link.

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21/11/2017 How many ports we can do port channel? Answer: The EtherChannel can provide full-duplex bandwidth up to 800 Mbps (Fast EtherChannel) or 2 Gbps (Gigabit EtherChannel) between your switch and another switch or host. The number of EtherChannels has the limit of six with eight portsper EtherChannel. Question: What is a virtual port channel?

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3. "EtherChannel" or "Link Aggregation" is the particular technology that allows you to bundle several links between two devices and use them simultaneously as a single interface. "Port-channel" is the name of this virtual interface in IOS. This is similar to, say, WiFi as a technology, and "Dot11Radio0" as the name of the interface, or ISDN as a ...

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The 3750G Cisco switches support up to 48 ether-channels of up to 8 ports per channel. The channel group number can be any number from 1-48 but in order to keep a consistent naming convention a group number that matches the port assigned is used. Once the ports have been configured a Port channel logical interface will be automatically created.

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02/07/2021 In the world of port channel communications, there is an established protocol for data transmission that is called the EtherChannel. Basically, you communicate over the ether channel using a UDP datagram, which is a format of a binary data packet that can contain data up to 32 bytes. This is similar to the TCP protocol.

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15/08/2013 Thats a good question. I used to think that EtherChannel was the name of the technology, and port channel was a single instance of that technology. But in researching the terms, its a bit more complicated than that. Both Etherchannel and port channel appear in early Cisco documentation, such as this CatOS configuration guide. (Remember configuring switches with the set command?)

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onEnable Etherchannel only Manual On Mode passiveEnable LACP only if a LACP device is detected. Switch1(config-if-range)# channel-group 5 mode desirable. 2) Layer 3 Etherchannels: Switch1(config)# interface port-channel 2 Switch1(config-if)# no switchport Switch1(config-if)# ip address Switch1(config-if)# end

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A port in the desirable mode can form an EtherChannel with another port that is in the desirable or auto mode. A port in the auto mode can form an EtherChannel with another port in the desirable mode. The port in desirable mode is one which sends requests to the other side to see if it is also using PAgP.

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To create an EtherChannel, all of the interfaces should have: 1. Same Duplex 2. Same Speed 3. Same VLAN Configuration (Ex. native VLAN and allowed VLAN should be same) 4. Switch Port Modes should be the same (Access or Trunk Mode) EtherChannel can look at the following options to decide which physical link to send data over: 1. Source MAC Address 2.

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SW2(config)# interface port-channel 1 < Configure the logical port as trunk SW2(config-if)#switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q SW2(config-if)#switchport mode trunk. Useful Show Commands. Here are some useful commands to verify correct operation and for troubleshooting purposes: show etherchannel summary; show etherchannel 1 port-channel

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5. Etherchannel consist two parts: Port-channel Interface: Logical interface which represent link bundle; Member Link: Physical interface which is in Link bundle or in port-channel; 6. Port-channel can be configured as a layer 2 or layer 3. 7. There are two protocols used for the link aggregation:

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EtherChannel is a port link aggregation technology or port-channel architecture used primarily on Cisco switches. It allows grouping of several physical Ethernet links to create one logical Ethernet link for the purpose of providing fault-tolerance and high-speed links between switches, routers and servers.

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17/06/2022 EtherChannel is a Layer-2 link aggregation protocol which is used to combine multiple physical links to a single logical link called an EtherChannel bundle or a PortChannel. It is a Cisco Proprietary and IEEE 802.3ad (2000) is a standard way of carrying out Link Aggregation. The purpose of EtherChannel is to achieve Link Aggregation or Logical ...

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EtherChannel (link aggregation) is a very popular technology and is typically deployed between the distribution and the core layers or between core devices, where increased availability and scalability is needed. However, link aggregation is usually disabled on interfaces that are facing end-users. Without the ability to use EtherChannels, the ...


16/11/2015 Part 2. There are 3 methods to configure EtherChannel in your network: the PAgP and LACP negotiating protocols, or Static mode. The first step is assigning the physical interfaces to the Etherchannel, with different keywords indicating which protocol is to be used. Lets examine the 3 methods and their differences.