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07/02/2022 Cisco nat rule: nat (if-outside,if-inside) source static any any destination static service ob-tcp-443 ob-tcp-443. nat (if-outside,if-inside) source static any any destination static service ob-tcp-80 ob-tcp-80-----Fortigate VIP made my converter: config firewall vip. edit "vip-"

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You do not need a conversion tool in order to do NAT. Look at each NAT and apply it a central-NAT or per-policy as required. The concept are equally the same between ciscoASA and FortiOS # DNAT rules cisco ASA . object network webserverdnat . host . nat (inside,outside) static # DNAT VIP FGT port-forward tcp80 . config firewall vip

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19/09/2019 You do not need a conversion tool in order to do NAT. Look at each NAT and apply it a central-NAT or per-policy as required. The concept are equally the same between ciscoASA and FortiOS # DNAT rules cisco ASA . object network webserverdnat . host . nat (inside,outside) static # DNAT VIP FGT port-forward tcp80 . config firewall vip

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Thanks for the explanation, actually i have the below cases that i'm still stuck with due to have no experience in Cisco ASA NAT statements; - nat (inside,outside) source static MYADD MYADD. - nat (inside,outside) source static PRV-SRV1 Pub-SRV2 destination static B1 B1 unidirectional. Your advise please.

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20/09/2019 I am working on coming up with a design to migrate from an older ASA to a 100F. The current config is 2 ISPs coming in to an Edge Router where it is advertising a full class C public network block through BGP. The ASA is handling a lot of NAT policies for all the public services living in a DMZ zone. I will have 2 100F devices.

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17/05/2018 VIP Mentor. 05-17-2018 05:28 AM. 1) If you need the PSKs when referring to the VPN-credentials, then the following command will show them: asa# more system:running-config | b tunnel-group. User-passwords are hashed and not extractable in plain-text.

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The FortiConverter firewall configuration migration tool is primarily for third-party firewall configuration migration to FortiOSfor routing, firewall, NAT, and VPN policies and objects. FortiConverter delivers: Multi-vendor support including conversion from Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Juniper, Check Point, Palo Alto Networks, and Dell SonicWALL ...

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19/05/2011 I am migrating firewall fortinet to ASA5540 with inside (, dmz (, and outside (x.x.x.x), but the users of inside network gain access to the aplication for two ways: the first way is trough routing between inside and dmz, for example to, and the another way is trough static nat between inside and dmz for example to ( static nat).

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12/02/2020 And this from the ASA debug . Phase: 8 Type: VPN Subtype: encrypt Result: DROP Config: Additional Information: Forward Flow based lookup yields rule: out id=0x7f50d7d440a0, priority=70, domain=encrypt, deny=false hits=3, user_data=0x0, cs_id=0x7f50d7f8ee90, reverse, flags=0x0, protocol=0 src ip/id=, mask=, port=0, tag=any

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The NAT rule address contains the firewall rule source address FortiConverter converts the source NAT and firewall rules to the following IP pool and policies: edit "ippool-" set endip set startip set type one-to-one. next . edit 10001. set srcintf "port1"

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19/05/2011 Migrating Fortinet to ASA. (, y outside (z.z.z.z), asi mismo hay una peculiaridad con el acceso a las aplicaciones desde la red inside. La comunicacion entre una estacin se conecta a la aplicacin que esta en la dmz de dos maneras: una a traves de enrutamiento a la y otra a travez de la ip que usa ...

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From the web management portal > VPN > IPSec Wizard > Give the tunnel a name > Change the remote device type to Cisco > Next. Give it the public IP of the Cisco ASA > Set the port to the outside port on the Fortigate > Enter a pre-shared key, (text string, you will need to enter this on the Cisco ASA as well, so paste it into Notepad or something for later) > Next.

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27/09/2017 If you do have an ASA configuration, you can use the FTD Migration tool (a dedicated FMC that only servers to load and convert an ASA configuration). FlexConfigs are only used to implement a small subset of commands that are not available from the FMC GUI directly. They are not used for direct cli configuration.

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FortiGate supports only two types: pre-share and rsa-sig. Therefore, you must assign methods for each VPN connection. The wizard converts Cisco EZVPN configuration to FortiGate VPN policies with the srcintf "" (i.e. phase1-interface object name) and dstintf "any". FortiConverter doesn't support the following Cisco ...

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03/07/2009 Darren, there is no tools for fortinet to asa migration that I am aware of like PIX , VPN3k or Checkpoint to ASA migration tools and references, however, you may reference hundrends of ASA firewall configuration examples in this link to help the migration effort to ASA.

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NAT mode. In this example, both VDOM-A and VDOM-B use NAT mode. A VDOM link is created that allows users on the internal network to access the FTP server. This configuration requires the following steps: Configure VDOM-A; Configure VDOM-B; Configure the VDOM link; Configure VDOM-A. VDOM-A allows connections from devices on the internal network to the Internet.

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28/06/2022 The Firewall Migration Tool allows you to migrate the following Fortinet configuration elements to threat defense: Interfaces. Zones. Static Routes. Network Objects and Groups. Service Objects and Groups. Access Control Lists. NAT dependent objects (IP pool, Virtual IP) NAT Rules. VDOM

Migrating Fortinet Firewall to Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense ...

27/06/2022 Access Control Rules, NAT, and Routes You Chose Not to Migrate Details of the rules that you choose not to migrate with the Firewall Migration Tool. Review these rules that were disabled by the Firewall Migration Tool and were not migrated. Review these lines and verify that all the rules you choose are listed in this section.

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FortiGate Configuration Migration. In the latest FortiConverter v6.0.1, we add back the legacy Fortinet offline conversion. Now, the Fortinet conversion has two modes, Device and Offline mode. For the device mode which first introduced in v5.6.3, adopts REST-API to install the converted configuration onto the device directly. Its also the ...

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20/01/2017 FMC exposes a REST API to create access-control-policies and objects. A migration tool has been written for partners to migrate asa and juniper config to FTD configuration but thats about it as far as I know. I guess your best bet would be writting a script to get objects and rules out of fortinet and import into FMC using the rest api.

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The FortiGate uses the same SPI value to bring up the phase 2 negotiation for all of the subnets, while the Cisco ASA expects different SPI values for each of its configured subnets. Using multiple phase 2 tunnels on the FortiGate creates different SPI values for each subnet. To configure multiple phase 2 interfaces in route-based mode: config ...

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Configuring the VPN overlay between the HQ FortiGate and AWS native VPN gateway. Configuring the VIP to access the remote servers. Configuring the SD-WAN to steer traffic between the overlays. Verifying the traffic. Hub and spoke SD-WAN deployment example. Datacenter configuration. Configure dial-up (dynamic) VPN.

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16/02/2019 WE tried to establish the vpn between ASA and fortrinet firewall but not possible and as per fortrinet team confirmation that ASA not received any vpn infromation from Fortinat & fortinet side configuration is fine. Pl find the ASA configuration for your reference and do the needful.Details as below: Local LAN: Remote LAN:

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Fortinet. FortiGate NAT Policies. NAT policies allow translation of port addresses on your external IP to individual internal addresses, which greatly expands the functionality of a single address. They also allow you to define how the FortiGate routes packets between your subnets, so that you can establish DMZs and specific packet routing ...

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Migrated an ASA to Fortigate years ago. Ran them side by side for sometime while migrating services and VPNs. Eventually the ASA was taken out, but havent looked back since. Edit: Should add, we started a brand new configuration and didnt convert our ASA config and place it on Fortigate. 8.

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With many of our ASA customers we have policy source NATs to apply a certain NAT for specific source+destinations, basically "if traffic is coming from Host 1 and it's going to Subnet A, translate Host 1 source IP to Host-1-NAT IP, otherwise just dynamic NAT/overload Host 1 to the WAN IP". So traffic from on the inside interface ...