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The Mountain nerf was a subspecies of nerf that was brought to the planet Fennesa. They were descended from nerfs which had been introduced there thousands of years ago and had adapted to the mountainous conditions there. Mountain nerfs tended to be nimbler than the varieties living on flatter terrain. The Fennesa Nerf Herding Council collected ...

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Nerfs were a species of furry, non-sentient animals raised for their milk, meat, and hide. They could be found on a variety of planets across the galaxy, from Alderaan to Lothal. Despite their usefulness, nerfs were often regarded as disgusting because of their strong body odor. Nerfs were...

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A Nerf living in the mountains of Alderaan. Nerfs were large quadrupeds characterized by their four, curved horns and shaggy coats of fur. The common nerf stood about 1.3 meters at the shoulder. Their mass of hair tangled easily, creating a perfect web for insects and foreign objects to cling to. Thus, they carried around a pungent odor.

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A mountain was a mass of land that stood significantly above its surroundings. Planets as diverse as Asmeru, [1] Carida, [2] Moraband, [3] Serenno, [4] Ryloth, [5] Geonosis, [6] Oba Diah, [7] Oosalon, [8] and Lothal all had mountains. [9] Those of Alderaan, [10] Vandor, [11] and Scipio were capped with snow, [12] and Coruscant 's only uncovered ...

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A mountain was a landform that extended well above the surrounding terrain in a limited area. There were many mountains and mountain ranges in the galaxy. A'driannamieq Mountains, Elom Andobi Mountains, Ando Prime Arrandle Mountains, Sevarcos II Mount Avos, Troiken Mount Berin, Garos IV Blan...

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Fennesa was a mountainous, rocky planet located in the Inner Rim. Its fauna included avian and feline predators as well as mountain nerfs, a subspecies of the ungulate nerfs introduced by colonists millennia before the Battle of Yavin. The nerfs on Fennesa were kept by local herders. The latter...

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A nerf herder, also spelled " nerf-herder " or " nerfherder ," was someone who herded nerfs on various planets throughout the galaxy. As it was perceived as an occupation for lower-class beings, the term "nerf herder" became an insult used throughout the galaxy. Nerf herders were often somewhat simple, but as a result of living outdoors and ...

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The Fennesa Nerf Herding Council was an organization on Fennesa that was made up of nerf herders. It was estimated that 5.6 rams out of every 1000 on Fennesa were lost because of falls in the mountainous terrain. Sources "Mountain Nerf" (original article link) on (content now obsolete; backup link) Notes and references

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The Mountain Poachers were a criminal group of poachers that was active on the planet Naboo at the time of the Galactic Civil War. The Mountain Poachers operated in the Gallo Mountains after the Battle of Yavin. They included beings from various species, including Humans, Bith, Rodians, Bothans...

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The Cascardi Mountains were a snow-covered mountain range on the planet Duneeden. Didi Oddo, a business owner, held a private retreat in this mountain range. After the events of Stadum 5 where Didi Oddo fled from Obi-Wan Kenobi, he retreated to his home on the Cascardi Mountains. He was not the...

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The Gallo Mountains was a mountain chain that was located on the world of Naboo. The settlement of Dee'ja Peak was situated upon the summit of a mountain within this chain. The Summit Farm Blossom Winery was also located in the mountains. The indigenous species of Naboo, the Gungans, revered a...

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A small village was founded in the mountain ranges of Naboo in the few last decades of the Galactic Republic. Ruwee of the House Naberrie and his wife Jobal greatly helped establish that settlement, supervising both the physical construction of the village and the formation of its community. However, the couple eventually decided to leave their beloved mountains for the capital city of Theed ...

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The Maawat Mountains were a volcanic mountain range on the Outer Rim Territories planet Dalna. The mountains met the Luftall River at the Maawat Juncture, which marked the tip of the Bensha Fault. The High Republic: Mission to Disaster (First appearance, simultaneous with The High Republic...

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The Great mountain was a living mountain from a planet in the Vagadarr system. Star Wars (2015) 26 (First mentioned; albeit indirectly) Star Wars (2015) 27 (First appearance) (First identified as Great mountain) Star Wars (2015) 28 Star Wars (2015) 29 Star Wars (2015) 30

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Agorn Mountain was a mountain on the planet Ossus in the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy. A part of the western Eocho Mountain range, the Knossa Spaceport was established around the mountain to support the Jedi pilgrims. Nexus of Power (First identified as Agorn Mountain)

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Selon Mountain was a mountain located in the D'olop Mountain Range on M'haeli. It housed a secret dragite crystal mine in 0 ABY.[source?] River of Chaos 3

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The Blue mountains were a range of mountains located on a planet in the Vagadarr system that were actually dormant giants of living stone. Star Wars (2015) 27 (First appearance) Star Wars (2015) 28 Star Wars (2015) 29 Star Wars (2015) 30

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The Juran Mountains was a mountain range located on the Core World of Alderaan. They were visible from the private balcony of the Alderaanian monarch in the Royal Palace of Aldera. Although the Juran Mountains made their first canonical appearance in the 2017 short story "Eclipse", which was...

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The Euvae Mountains were an enormous mountain range that completely ringed the ice-covered planet of Carosi XII. Planets of the Galaxy, Volume Two The Star Wars Planets Collection