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This is the official YouTube channel of Minecraft. We tell stories about the Minecraft Universe.ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Fantasy Violence


10/02/2018 THE LONGEST MINECRAFT VIDEO IN HISTORY. with PrestonPlayz SUBSCRIBE for more videos! http://bitly.com/PrestonPlayz "FIRE" Merchandise logo clothing...


31/12/2020 LET'S GO ON ADVENTURE | MINECRAFT GAMEPLAY #48Subscribe to our Second YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/UjjwalGamerShare, Support, Subscribe!!!Subsc...

Minecraft Live 2022 - YouTube

15/10/2022 Our epic livestream has been strummed, but that doesnt mean that the partys over! Au contraire, you can watch us reveal whats in store for Minecraft: Lege...

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Minecraft Now is coming to YouTube | Minecraft

02/12/2021 Minecraft Now is coming to YouTube. Not now, but soon! Roll out the redstone carpet, put on your finest formal skin, and deck yourself out in diamonds a new show is about to premiere! On December 9, our brand new broadcast Minecraft Now will stream live on our YouTube channel ! This is a live stream, but dont confuse it with Minecraft Live.

LIVE | Oh! Wolfoo Has a Minecraft Doll! - Kids Stories About Toy

5 hours ago LIVE | Oh! Wolfoo Has a Minecraft Doll! - Kids Stories About [email protected] Wolfoo the Adventurer 3 - Full Series: https://go.woanetw...

Minecraft YouTube Servers | #1 Minecraft Server List

YouTube Servers. Find the Best Youtube Minecraft Servers in 2022 on Minecraft. We have a giant collection of hundreds of the top Youtube minecraft servers updated for 2022 that you can take a pick from to find your new place to play! There are various different gamemodes on Minecraft and Youtube is one of them.

Top 10 Minecraft Youtubers You Must Watch in 2022

03/12/2021 Dream is a Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch streamer who is best known for his Minecraft videos. He started his YouTube account in 2014 and now has 27.3 million subscribers and 2.28 billion views on his main channel. His seven YouTube channels have a total of over 36 million subscribers and 2.59 billion views as of June 6, 2021.

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The first ever Minecraft video uploaded on YouTube was from Notch himself on his old channel Nizzotch. The game at that time was called the "Cave Game", and the very first Minecraft video is titled "Cave game tech test", which was uploaded on May 13, 2009. A currently unavailable video from Notch had a video with the title containing the word "Minecraft" and it was uploaded on May 16, 2009.

How to Start a Successful Minecraft YouTube Channel - vidIQ

23/07/2021 Create a Niche Within a Niche for Your Minecraft Channel. 2. Pay Attention to Which Videos Get the Most Views, and Make Similar Content. 3. Strike a Balance Between Minecraft Lets Plays and Tutorials. 4. Be Strategic With Your Minecraft Thumbnails. 5.

30 Best Minecraft Youtubers in 2022 - Fiction Horizon

11/05/2022 This Minecraft Youtube channel has 3.46 million subscribers from all over the world. An interesting fact is that its run by two childhood friends Joey and Cody. It has got a lot of videos on different gaming scenarios and skills. If you want to see the tutorials and valuable sessions, this is a great place to start. 2. Exploding TNT

How To Start a Minecraft YouTube Channel | Udemy

This Minecraft YouTube channel course is organized into 6 sections: Introduction; Planning; Creating; Branding; Sharing; Conclusion; By the end of this course, you'll know how to start a Minecraft YouTube channel and have the resources available to help it grow. Let's start creating awesome Minecraft YouTube channels and videos!

Welcome to the Minecraft Official Site | Minecraft

Explore new gaming adventures, accessories, & merchandise on the Minecraft Official Site. Buy & download the game here, or check the site for the latest news.

100 Minecraft Youtube Channels By Minecraft Youtubers - Feedspot Blog

20/11/2022 I'm a family-friendly gaming Youtuber who loves all types of Minecraft including PC, Java, Bedrock Edition, Pocket Edition, Xbox, Switch, Playstation, and many more! Subscribe for funny, hilarious videos or to learn about the latest tips, tricks, secrets, mods, addons, maps, seeds, and more in Minecraft! youtube.com/c/eystreem/videos + Follow

Minecraft YouTuber Dream's Face Reveal Goes Ridiculously Viral

03/10/2022 Despite never showing his face, Dream was able to garner worldwide popularity with over 30 million subscribers and 2.7 billion views on his YouTube channel. Primarily known for his Minecraft Dream SMP video series, Dream has been an anonymous content creator that shied away from publicity when it came to his personal life. The reveal has been teased for months, with Dream promising to show his face if fellow YouTuber, GeorgeNotFound, was with him.

Minecraft YouTube Videos: 436 Billion Views and Building

17/05/2019 Influencers have uploaded the most Minecraft-related YouTube videos at 4.2M. Brands claim 7532K videos, while media and entertainment companies have uploaded 9806K. YouTube + Minecraft = one of the best matches in the entire online video world. Anyone can film their gameplay of the title and upload to the platform, while YouTube benefits from all the traffic and advertising on the clips.

10 best Minecraft YouTubers to watch in 2022 - Sportskeeda

11/04/2022 Ian Stapleton aka SSundee (Image via Team Crafted Wiki) American-born YouTuber SSundee has posted plenty of Minecraft content since his 2009 debut, and he's still going strong. Some of his most ...

This Is How A Popular Minecraft YouTube Star Lured An Underage Fan Into

11/02/2018 This Is How A Popular Minecraft YouTube Star Lured An Underage Fan Into A Sexual Relationship. One of Minecraft's most notorious YouTube personalities resurfaced last month and admitted to using both platforms to sexually groom a young fan. But the kind of abuse he's now publicly admitting to is more insidious and more difficult an issue than law enforcement or platforms like YouTube are able to deal with.

LEGO Minecraft 2023 Sets OFFICIALLY Revealed | Brick Finds & Flips

02/12/2022 00:00 Intro00:19 The Swamp Adventure01:53 The Bee Cottage03:36 The End Arena05:24 The Frozen Peaks07:06 The Sword Outpost09:12 The Panda Haven10:58 The Deep Dark Battle13:05 Outro.