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Puluhan ribu orang telah mendapatkan pekerjaan full time dan freelance dari NusaTalent . 700.000 PENGGUNA, 200 UNIVERSITAS. 1000 PERUSAHAAN. Beranda. Servis. Crowd Talent. Nusa Staffing. ... Let our nano and micro-influencer spread information about your brand or product to boost your existence ...


Boost your brand awareness or campaign through network of macro, micro and nano influencers. BENEFITS. Pay-per-performance pricing. Up to 1,000 influencers per day. Validated influencers by NusaTalent. Digital Campaign. Boost your digital campaign through our talent network all across Indonesia.


Puluhan ribu orang telah mendapatkan pekerjaan full time dan freelance dari NusaTalent . 700.000 PENGGUNA, 200 UNIVERSITAS. 1000 PERUSAHAAN


Puluhan ribu orang telah mendapatkan pekerjaan full time dan freelance dari NusaTalent . 700.000 PENGGUNA, 200 UNIVERSITAS. 1000 PERUSAHAAN. Beranda. Servis. ... Kami mendapatkan lebih dari 4 juta penonton untuk kampanye Shopee 12.12 di TikTok dengan bantuan jaringan influencer NusaTalent!


16. ELEANOR PENDLETON @eleanorpendleton (96.3K) Top Beauty Micro Influencers. Multi-awarded health and beauty journalist Eleanor Pendleton, one of the top micro influencers on Instagram in 2022, is now on her way to macro-influence as a famous beauty influencer on Instagram.


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Top Micro-Influencer Agencies Every Brand Should Know About

26/07/2022 7. The Shelf. The Shelf is a full-service influencer marketing agency with a proprietary SaaS platform to plan, execute, manage, and optimize creative, strategic influencer campaigns. They use data to find the best Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube creators who can help brands reach their goals.

Micro Influencer, Inilah 5 Keuntungan Menggunakannya - Harmony

24/06/2021 Micro Influencer, Inilah 5 Keuntungan Menggunakannya. Strategi pemasaran produk bisa dilakukan dengan berbagai cara. Salah satunya memanfaatkan micro influencer. Di era media sosial saat ini, bukan hanya influencer dari kalangan selebriti saja yang bisa meningkatkan strategi pemasaran positioning brand. Tetapi, micro influencer juga bisa ...

22 Fashion Micro Influencers On the Rise | Featured Talent on Afluencer

Simple answer influencer marketing. Gen Z and Millennials are gravitating toward Instagram and TikTok to be inspired by their favorite influencers whom they devoutly follow. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, businesses are generating $5.78 ROI for every $1 spent on influencer marketing. When it comes to the fashion industry, 73% of ...

Micro Influencer Adalah: Pengertian, Kelebihan, dan Contoh Kerja Sama

Micro Influencer adalah Influncer dengan Followers 10.000-100.000. Micro influencer adalah influencer yang memiliki 10.000 hingga 100.000 followers di halaman media sosialnya. Micro influencer berada satu tingkat di atas nano influencer dan tiga tingkat di bawah mega influencer yang merupakan tingkatan influencer tertinggi dengan jumlah pengikut hingga jutaan users.

Micro-Influencers: What Every Brand Needs to Know - UBIQUITOUS: Influence

Micro-influencers have a smaller audience. Compared to other influencer groups, like macro-influencers who typically have anywhere from 250k-1 million followers, micro-influencers flaunt a smaller, more engaged audience. Heres an example of two influencers1 micro, 1 macrowho play in the same niche, but have very different audiences.

Macro Influencer vs Micro Influencer: The 2022 Guide [+Example ]

Macro influencers are influencers with over 100k followers, and celebrities with a million+ followers. Macro influencers have a larger reach than micro influencers and, depending on their role or area of expertise, they may also have high authority. However, their engagement rates tend to be lower than micro influencers.


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125k Followers, 1 Following, 743 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Career. Candidate. Connected (@nusatalent)

What is a Micro Influencer and How to Find Them | NeoReach Blog

How to Find Micro Influencers. 1. Targeted search. 2. Verify followers. 3. Analyze their feed. If you are a smaller brand, looking to jump into influencer marketing but dont have a large budget, you should consider working with micro influencers. Maybe youve tried working with larger, well-known social media influencers and havent been ...

How to Find Micro-Influencers on Instagram? | 2022 - jonas Muthoni

13/05/2022 Here are five easy ways to help you with the hunt. 1. Make the most of Instagram Hashtags. The number of Instagram accounts or people that use the platform is billions, and it could seem quite impossible to spot micro-influencers for your chosen niche among them. However, hashtags could make your life easier. Simply type your desired hashtag in ...

Micro Influencers: Small Reach. Big impact.

Reach out to the micro influencers by agreeing on a discount code. In this way, the micro influencers can make their followers happy and strengthen their bond. The hurdle to test your product is also lower. 4. The price is right. A final key difference between micro and mega influencers is the cost.

Micro Influencer Adalah - Accurate Online

09/06/2021 Perbedaan Micro Influencer, Macro Influencer dan Nano Influencer. Perbedaan yang paling mudah terlihat dari macro influencer dan micro influencer adalah dari jumlah followersnya. Dilansir dari laman Whello micro influencer adalah pengguna media sosial yang mempunyai jumlah followers 10.000 sampai dengan 50.000 followers

Micro-Influencers vs. Celebrities: Which is Better and Why? - Get Hyped

27/06/2022 When it comes to the battle of cost among micro-influencers vs. celebrities, micro-influencers charge a fraction of what celebrities charge. If youre launching an Instagram influencer marketing campaign, a post from a micro-influencer can cost anywhere from a free product up to $10,000 or more, depending on their niche.