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Welcome to Fanon Minecraft Wiki, the place for fan content and update.We current have 70 articles, any contribute are welcome. Blocks Items Mobs Potions Dimensions Featured Artices . Vote Edit. Minecraft 2.0 Far-end upgrade; Far-end Upgrade(also known as Minecraft 2.0) is a very big update in minecrafts history, it followed Minecraft 1.19 Update for the builder and added a alternative ...

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Minecraft 2.0 Far-end upgrade Far-end Upgrade(also known as Minecraft 2.0) is a very big update in minecrafts history, it followed Minecraft 1.19 Update for the builder and added a alternative...

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Mobs come to exist by spawning in various ways. Players can spawn most mobs using spawn eggs in Creative mode. Mobs are aware of players within 16 blocks of them, except for Ghasts, which can see up to 100 blocks away and Endermen, which can see up to 64 blocks away. Here you can create many mobs and put them here:

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05/10/2022 A Red Ant is a tameable mob that appears in Red Anthills. They spawn in NPC Villages at some red anthills, and will not attack the player never. Also they will get out of the Anthill since it is spawned at infinite quantities. They have 9 of Health and it's very powerful, untike normal ants.

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Minecraft Earth was a free-to-play augmented reality spin-off mobile game where players travel to real-life locations to build structures and collect resources. It featured many unique gameplay aspects and interactions similar to the main game. The game became discontinued on June 30, 2021.

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a psycho is a hostile mob that raids villeges with a chainsaw and/or a bloody axe and attack npcs on site. but iron golems can take care of them easely. they drop a chainsaw or axe upon death. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

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Fanon Minecraft Wiki; Blocks; Items; Minecraft 1.19 Update for the builder; Minecraft 2.0 Far-end upgrade; Elussitine; Elussitine Ingot; Mobs. Scarecrow; Tiger; Dirt trap; Ghoul; ... Fanon Minecraft Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Site

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Behavior. Scarecrows moan when wandering around aimlessly, but snarl and gurgle when attacking or injured. Scarecrows spawn alone and will pursue the player on sight. Scarecrows will attempt to avoid obstacles, including sheer cliffs and lava, and would try to find the shortest path towards the player.

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Flames of the Nether is a Minecraft Dungeons DLC released on May 6, 2021. It is the fifth DLC in Minecraft Dungeons, after Hidden Depths. It is the first DLC in Minecraft Dungeons to take place in another dimension. It introduces the Nether Portal's functionality and The Nether, available after unlocking the DLC.

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Narrator: Mummy Pig is playing Minecraft, her favourite game. Peppa: Hey Mummy! Are you playing Minecraft? Mummy Pig: Yes Peppa. Would you play for me? I have to make lunch. Peppa: OK! Narrator: Oh dear. Peppa has died in the game. Peppa: Oh no! What am I gonna do?! Mummy Pig: What's wro... * sees the game over screen and gasps * Peppa! Peppa: I'm very sorry Mummy, I didn't mean it! Mummy Pig ...

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Welcome to Fanon Minecraft Wiki! The Community Portal is where this wiki community comes together to organize and discuss projects for the wiki. To see the most recent discussions, click the...

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Welcome to the Minecraft Fanon Wiki. Hello i'm a Fandom User. I Started this wiki for my ideas but others can join. see ya then X). this about things like animations more than the actual game. Rules. No overpowered stuff; Make your Articles Organized; Don't Troll Please; DO NOT edit other people's articles without their PERMISSION; Poll

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How many edits have you made on that wiki? I think Ive made 30, but thats only because Ive been busy editing my own wikis. How many days/months have you been editing there?

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Welcome to the Minecraft Fanon Wiki The Number 1 Minecraft fan content site on the web! This is the wiki dedicated to providing fan content and stories to for the Minecraft world! Part of the Minecraft Wiki Network. We currently have 3,347 articles, 17 active users and 66,248 edits. Read our Policies and get involved!

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Height. 1 blocks. Weight. A Tiger is a Passive mob that appears in Jungle biomes. It resembles the Ocelot. Tigers spawn in Jungle biomes or in a Zoo, and will not attack the player never. They have 8 of Health.

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Mods are third-party addons to Minecraft. These are usually installed via something like ModLoader, Forge, LiteLoader, or the Minecraft modding API (oh wait, we still don't have one). Mods can be simple additions (such as Television ), new concepts (like Craftable Spawn Eggs Mod ), or extremely all-encompassing (like B N W Mod ), or anywhere in ...

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This is the category for Fanon Main Page and its subcategories.

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Creatures of the Void (discontinued) Creatures of the Void was the first created storyline in Sad's Fanon. It followed the story of Steve and the Players in a post-tragedy country haunted by the Omnibrine and Muriminus, and their quest to destroy the Enderdragon and the Voidwarp dimensions.

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Frost: This enchantment can be applied to both a sword or a bow. Hitting a mob or player will result in an ice capsule forming that surrounds them, trapping them. The mob will take 2 damage and this is permanent. After 5 seconds the ice will have a breaking texture on it and after 15 seconds the ice will break.

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