Knowledge4policy A New Publication On Medium Is Open To Contributions

Knowledge4Policy: a new Publication on Medium is open to contributions

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10/02/2020 Submission Guidelines -Knowledge4Policy. The Knowledge4Policy Publication curates knowledge on the art and science of evidence-based policymaking. Coralia Catana. Mar 11, 2018. Background.

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23/04/2022 The Knowledge4Policy Publication curates knowledge on the art and science of evidence-based policymaking. Update, 23 April 2022: as set out in How should Knowledge4Policy evolve?, Knowledge4Policy

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Read the latest stories published by Knowledge4Policy. Building the EU Commissions platform for evidence-based policymaking.

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K4P platform aims to support evidence-based policymaking: bridging the gap between policymakers who (in theory) develop public policy based on sound scientific evidence and the scientists ...

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Read more about Knowledge4Policy. Building the EU Commissions platform for evidence-based policymaking.

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Welcome. Knowledge4Policy (K4P) is the EU Commission's platform for evidence-based policymaking. Our goal: to bridge the science-policy gap by bringing together evidence for policy from scientists across Europe, to policymakers across Europe. high quality, relevant and scientifically robust knowledge created and curated by 19 teams of European ...

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22/07/2020 Medium is an open platform where 170 million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking. Here, expert and undiscovered voices alike dive into the heart of any topic and bring new ideas ...

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21/01/2019 Like all EU Commission websites published on its EUROPA server, the Knowledge4Policy (K4P) platform, which came out of Beta recently, uses the ECs new design guidelines, developed by its ...

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Managing a Medium Publication to share our the journey as we build Knowledge4Policy: "share our experiences as transparently as possible, and invite ideas and perspectives from experts in evidence-based policymaking around the world"

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27/03/2018 Science areas; Research. Our scientific work supports a whole host of EU policies in a variety of areas from agriculture and food security, to environment and climate change, as well as nuclear safety and security and innovation and growth.

Knowledge4Policy: Audience Research | Knowledge for policy

The Knowledge4Policy platform was launched in 'beta' mode in May 2018, with this audience research underpinning the design of its 'post-Beta' development. Its goals were therefore to: understand how key audiences interact with knowledge and incorporate it into their work;

Europe Media Monitor (EMM) | Knowledge for policy

The Europe Media Monitor (EMM) software analyses both traditional and social media. EMM gathers about 300,000 news articles per day in up to 70 languages. A mobile version is also available. The application EMM-NewsExplorer displays the main news items per calendar day separately for 21 languages and shows which persons, organisations and countries ...

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The EU Commission's Knowledge4Policy (K4P) platform supports evidence-based policymaking: bridging the world of policymakers who ideally develop public policy based on sound scientific evidence and the scientists who develop that evidence in the first place. (last update: April 2022) K4P is not limited to the Commissions scientists and ...

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In 2022 we begin transforming Knowledge4Policy (K4P) into a community platform. It is not possible for any one team to organise the worlds scientific knowledge in a domain and synthesise it for policymakers, so in 2021 we began working on the first of a series of community features. The long term goal is to allow users to:


we will migrate your name and any avatar and social media details to your new K4P profile and approve it as a member of the evidence-informed policymaking community automatically (other members will need to apply). Get involved. You will then be able to develop your profile, submit many different types of knowledge and join the conversation.

Stocktaking report on Donor Contributions to Food Systems

20/09/2021 The purpose of this report is to provide a broad mapping of ODA contributions to food systems, recognizing that many stakeholders engaging in the FSS may have a limited understanding of ODA. In 2019, total DAC-recorded ODA was nearly US$280 billion; of this, 8 per cent (US$23 billion) went to investments that this report categorizes as related to food systems .

The World of organic agriculture - STATISTICS & EMERGING - Europa

28/04/2022 Latin America and the Caribbean. In Latin America, over 270 000 producers managed over 9.9 million hectares of agricultural land organically in 2020 . This constituted 13.3 percent of the worlds organic land and 1.4 percent of the regions agricultural land.

Evidence-based policymaking: a story emerges from audience - Medium

02/10/2018 For example, while it refers to Communities of Practice scientists collaborating to develop the knowledge part of Knowledge4Policy it doesnt foresee Communities of Interest, where ...