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17/02/2008 WikIkariam, the Ikariam wiki, is a community site that anyone can contribute to, discover, share and add your knowledge, about "Ikariam" a browser based massively multiplayer online game of the strategy genre produced and maintained by Gameforge AG, set in the era of classical Greece in an archipelago, with players being made ruler of a small town, which they must expand and lead.

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Ikariam is a free online real-time strategy game released in 2008 by Gameforge AG. The concept behind Ikariam is much like Sid Meier's well-known Civilization games. Each player is given a small town and constructs buildings such as Barracks, Ports, and Taverns to create a larger town, and palaces, which are constructed to allow for the expansion of the empire.

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Speed is one of the features that makes an Ikariam player powerful. Barracks and Shipyards. Upgrade your Barracks and Shipyards to Level 15 or higher. Just because you don't create lot of units does not mean that your Barracks level should be low. If you are attacked and your units are destroyed, you will want to be able to recover as soon as possible.

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Description. Buildings are important in Ikariam, as they allow you to do may different tasks, increase your production or reduce some of the requirements for other buildings. Listed below are buildings in which you can build in your town (s). Some, may require , or researches in order to be built. See also: Town view, Guide to Building and Power ...

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A land battle occurs when a player or alliance attacks the town(s) of another player or alliance. A land battle will occur in either situation: A pillage mission An occupation mission Battles are broken up into rounds. Each round lasts 15 minutes, and the battle will only end with one party ending victorious in any of the situations: All of the enemy player's non artillery, air, or support ...

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There are two versions of Raids in the game of Ikariam: The first version of " Raid " is the normal in-game raiding that occurs when a player attacks another player, wins and the proceeds to pillage the player that they had just attacked. The second version of a " Raid " is the " Pirate Raid ...

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Each server's world is divided into islands (with the same base map for each server). Each island has coordinates, eastings and southings. Coordinates above 100 and below 0 exist but are merely ocean. Within the island area, about half of the coordinate points are also just ocean. Clicking the Show World icon displays the part of the map around the selected town. To see other islands, use the ...

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Merchants and traders do their business at the Trading post. There is always a deal to be made or a bargain to be had. However, merchants from far away tend to head for big and well known trading...

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Players are able to occupy other players' towns and ports, while there is no time limit to how long a town may be occupied. A player can only occupy as many cities as his Palace level. To cancel the occupation of a town, you will first need to return your army from the occupied town or move it to somewhere else, and then to go to your Palace in your Capital and click the "Cancel occupation ...

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Getting banned means that you are denied access to your game or board account. The bans can be either temporary, or permanent, depending on which of the Game rules you have broken. If you think you have been banned, and you don't know why it is, you can first review the Pillory and you can then cross-reference with the Game rules. The Pillory is a list of all the specific bans in a server ...

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Standard Buildings; Production Buildings; Reduction Buildings; Resources. Crystal; Marble; Sulfur; Wine; Wood; Citizens; Research Points

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Shuffleboarding (Video) Franklin Says Sorry (Video) Kaz Almighty (Video) Rhonda Goes Broke (Video) Friturtoons/Shining Time Station; Hats Off To BJ! and Other Episodes

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US - They speak English

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Standard Buildings; Production Buildings; Reduction Buildings; Resources. Crystal; Marble; Sulfur; Wine; Wood; Citizens; Research Points

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See what happened in Ikariam in the year 2018.

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AR - They speak Spanish - One of the main foreign languages MX - They speak Spanish - One of the main foreign languages NL - They speak Dutch - One of the Official languages US - They speak...

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Welcome to Ikariam. Ikariam is a web-based browser game by Gameforge. It allows you to create alliances, expand your empire, conscript large armies - all in real time. With hints of other nation-creation games, such as Age of Empires and Civilization, the purpose of Ikariam is to create a vast empire with a mighty military, either to enforce peace, ...