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How long before a banned player is gone? - Ikariam

Feb 5, 2021 banned players have 0 points, so they don't show up in ranks And Mike is right, banned players follow the same "rules" for ghosting as normal players do. So after vacation mode, its 7 days active (with a cross), then 4 weeks of inactivity before they normally ghost.

Inactive player | Ikariam | Fandom

Phase 1(1 week to 2 weeks after registration ): You become inactive after 2 days with no login, you get ghosted 2 days later. Phase 2(Week 2 until 1 Month): You become inactive after 7 days with no login, you get ghosted 4 days later. Phase 3(1 Month until 3 Months): You become inactive after 7 days with no login, you get ghosted 14 days later.

A clarification on inactive player ghosting - Ikariam

Jan 18, 2021 Since the player entered the inactive status on january 7th, if I'm counting correctly, the player should go under the third phase. Because from the 16th day of october and the 4th of january 2 months have passed, since the third month for this player would have been the 16th of january.

How long does a player keeps banned? - Ikariam

Aug 29, 2020 is there a way for me to know how bans work? The maximum time a player can be banned, in example: Ikariam applyes 1 month, 6 month and 1 year bans, or Ikariam applyes 7 days, 1 month and permanent bans? Thanks in advance again!!

Ban | Ikariam | Fandom

Getting banned means that you are denied access to your game or board account. The bans can be either temporary, or permanent, depending on which of the Game rules you have broken. If you think you have been banned, and you don't know why it is, you can first review the Pillory and you can then...

Game rules | Ikariam | Fandom

After a pushing ban is over you must send the resources back to the player who pushed you WITHIN 48 HOURS or you might be banned again. Pushing is not allowed within alliances , even when you are at war.

Banned player - Archive: Community - Ikariam

Apr 7th 2020. +4. #2. Banned players are automatically removed from the statistics by the system during their ban. Access to the pillory was withdrawn a few years ago. Since then, bans are business only of the banned user and the responsible teamlers and others have no rights to gain any information about the circumstances of a ban.

Forum : How long for a inactive player leaving the game?

Forum:How long for a inactive player leaving the game? View source. I want to build a colony on an island that is full, but it has a couple of players that have been inactive for some time.

Ikariam Bashing FAQ | GuideScroll

A better and more accurate interpretation of the rule might be: If any one player attacks any given city more than 6 times in a single 24 hour period, that player may be banned for bashing So, on to the questions: 1. How many times can you attack a city in a 24-hour time period? 6 times. 2. What counts as an attack?

Banned players - how long till ghost? | Grepolis Forum - EN

May 19, 2011 Banned players - how long till ghost? Thoringer. May 19, 2011. Not open for further replies. 1. 2. Next. DeletedUser. Guest. May 19, 2011. #1. If another player is banned, his city stays somehow active. That city cannot be attacked/conquered. Does anyone know how long it takes until the city becomes a ghost?

Game Rule Clarification Guide - Tutorials and Guides - Ikariam

Jun 21, 2019 Q: How long do I have before my accounts must be connected? A: No time is specified because the answer is immediately. Occasionally we will send warnings to users to connect accounts, but this is only a courtesy.

What are temporary bans for? : r/playrust - Reddit

Not sure if this falls under ban discussions, since I'm not discussing a ban, but here we go. I have over 4000 hours in Rust. For reference, I have been temporarily banned once in the past, about a year ago, and again a few days ago (I get unbanned in a few days). Basically, all this post is about is why do people get temporarily banned? I'm ...

Starting anew after 10 yrs of vacation mode : r/ikariam - Reddit

r/ikariam. 2 yr. ago. Educational_Agent741. Starting anew after 10 yrs of vacation mode. Hello there ! I was surprisedto see the game was still working although pretty inactive and was able to join an almost new server ( global server ).

Vacation | Ikariam | Fandom

Vacation. A player on Vacation Mode. Vacation Mode can be activated when a player wants to go away for 48 or more hours and be safe from attack by other players. The player will not receive any resources for the duration of Vacation Mode as the workers are on vacation as well.


Under your leadership, you can usher in an age of discoveries and prosperity in the browser game Ikariam. You build and manage your cities, research new technologies, engage in trade and go to war against other rulers when necessary.

Banned account in vacation - Archive: Community - Ikariam

Apr 9, 2021 If the banned user has some Ambrosia enhancements still active, e.g. Steam Saw, Premium or other timed features, the ghosting phase is delayed until the enhancements expire. E.g. if an account activates a 60days Steam Saw and it is banned the day after the activation, then it will be ghosted in two months.

Occupation | Ikariam | Fandom

English. Occupation. Players are able to occupy other players' towns and ports, while there is no time limit to how long a town may be occupied. A player can only occupy as many cities as his Palace level.

Ikariam Review Free to Play Browser MMORTS Game

January 22, 2017 12:37 2. 7 Overall Score. Graphics: 7/10. Gameplay: 7/10. Performance: 7/10. Feature packed, colourful graphics, large engaging community of players. Many actions take a really long time to complete, zero sound. Ikariam Review.

Account deletion time on new servers - Ikariam

Dec 10th 2021. #1. What is the exact deletion time of inactives on new servers. There are a lot of accounts with 60 total and all other 0 score that were made (i) after 2 days of the server start. But none of them got ghosted 2 days later.

Expert's Guide | Ikariam | Fandom

Introduction. So you've been playing Ikariam for some time now. You've progressed nicely up until this point, but maybe finding the long build times boring and the increased costs prohibitive? This guide introduces ideas to help you enjoy playing Ikariam as much as you did in those first weeks. There is always plenty to do. Where to go next.

Came back after one year, my account is banned for "account - Ikariam

Jun 17, 2022 Beginner. Likes Received. 3. Posts. 11. Jun 17th 2022. #1. I came back to check whats up on Ikariam after about a year, and I immediately noticed that all of my accounts/account on different "worlds" are banned till 2038 for "account transfer".

ban list - Archive: Community - Ikariam

Posts. 2. Jan 1st 2022. #1. where can i check the ban list. Draxo. Forum Administrator. Likes Received. 590. Posts. 1,356. Gender. Male. Jan 1st 2022. #2. It's not public already for years, as it's a business only of the game administration and the involved player. Useful links: Lobby | | Game Rules | | Payment Support | | Game Support.

The future of the game? Will die soon or will there be a merge? - Ikariam

Feb 11, 2021 In there was a very interesting tournament. From each server a player came out as the winner and then they fought between the winners of each server. "alpha" vs "beta" etc .. If they did the same but at the level of alliances and then "" vs "" "" vs "ikariam.en" etc..etc...

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