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Hive Fleet Kronos is a Tyranid hive fleet that frequently clashes with Daemons and Chaos-corrupted prey. As such, Kronos is well-adapted to slaying its targets from afar. Its invasion swarms often include vast Termagant broods directed by Tyranid Warriors armed with long-range Bio-Cannons. Hive Fleet Kronos bioforms possess red and black carapaces. Sources

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A hive fleet is used to attack and strip star systems of their biomass using the full range of Tyranid bioforms. Only three primary Tyranid hive fleets and a host of smaller splinter fleets have ever come into direct contact with the Imperium of Man, but they have all brought devastating damage and loss of life.

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The Hive Fleet was first encountered on the Hive World of Karkan in Segmentum Ultima. As part of the Great Hive Fleet Behemoth, this splinter was sent to skirt around the epicenter of the battle to surround and cut off reinforcements, as well as distract the enemies. Karkan was taken quickly and...

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Hive Fleet Behemoth was the first major Tyranid hive fleet encountered and defeated by the Imperium of Man. The ensuing conflict became known as the First Tyrannic War . The hive fleet was eventually destroyed in 745.M41 by the combined might of the Space Marines of the Ultramarines and the Imperial Navy at the Battle of Macragge .

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Hive Fleet Ouroboris is a nightmare from legend, a shadow from the stars that swoops from above on bat-like wings to devour its terrified prey. Death comes swiftly for those unfortunate enough to find themselves in the hive fleet's path, for Ouroboris strikes with blinding speed, cutting the heart from its victims before they even realise their doom.

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Hive Fleet Tiamet is a minor Tyranid hive fleet that first entered the Milky Way Galaxy no later than the 35th Millennium in what may have been a probe to survey the Hive Mind 's next major target ahead of the main Tyranid fleets' arrival in the 41st Millennium. Named after the Tiamet System in which it was first encountered, Hive Fleet Tiamet is a ...

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Hive Fleet Kraken. A Tyranid Warrior of Hive Fleet Kraken leads a swarm of Termagants in battle. Hive Fleet Kraken was the second major Tyranid hive fleet to invade the galaxy. It was responsible for the outbreak of the Second Tyrannic War, which began officially in 992.M41 with the loss of thousands of Imperial worlds to the Great Devourer.

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Traits. Hive Fleet Hydra's prodigious generative capability stretches to the very least of its bio-organisms. Even lowly slimer maggots possess the capability to multiply with terrifying speed, infesting the flesh of their victims. The bioforms of Hive Fleet Hydra have purple and black carapaces.

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Hive Fleet Gorgon was a Tyranid Hive Fleet which invaded the T'au Empire in 899.M41. The Gorgon was a splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Behemoth that had been founded by those Tyranids who had survived the Behemoth's destruction during the Battle of Macragge and which began consuming poorly defended Imperial worlds to replenish its small numbers.

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Amberley Vail is an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos, best known for her close professional and personal association with the famous commissar Ciaphas Cain. Vail does not profess allegiance to any particular Inquisitorial faction, but her actions are generally those of a Puritan. She prefers safe disposal of xenos or Chaos artefacts in most cases with few exceptions, and she considers Radicals of ...

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Hive Fleet Kronus is a small but very powerful fleet which is often sending scouts and has often sent alot of their fleet towards the Merilian sector but also alot to the surrounding sectors, Hive Fleet Kronus does centre the majority of attacks on the Merilian sector. The first time this fleet...

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Hive Fleet Hades is a notorious and highly evolved Tyranid Hive Fleet. They were originally a splinter hive fleet of Hive Fleet Kronos and were first encountered upon the plague world of Moriuntur in the Segmentum Obscurus. This dire threat is notable for being incredibly resilient and regenerative compared to the average Tyranid bioforms.

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"Quite interesting these... Tyranids, their species is comprised of beings more like organic machines than a true creature. Hive Fleet Pishacha truly has developed those traits into something... difficult." Cryptek Eet'awh Hive Fleet Pishacha is believed to have been formed from the remains of Hive Fleet Behemoth and now tears through the Segmentum Ultima, consuming, growing, gaining ...

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Hive Fleet Charon is a Tyranid Hive Fleet, seen in a wide variety of Narrative Campaigns. It is a splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Kraken. Charon was first formed after the Battle of Iyanden, when Hive Fleet Kraken suffered large losses. Travelling off, this splinter fleet fled into deep space...

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The Hive Fleet Mynos is extragalactic Hive Fleet of Tyranids that first entered the galaxy in 813 M.41. Their bio-ship fleet is currently located in the Segmentum Pacificus, where their numbers grow at an alarming rate. ++WARNING: Data files missing++ The Hive Fleet Mynos was first encountered...

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Speciality. Metal Consumption/Hard Carapaces, Autophagia, Bioluminescence. A seemingly lost tendril of the all consuming tyranid invasion, Hive Fleet Tarrasque is consuming its ways through the Halo Stars slowly but surely. It seems confused by the warp storms of the Koronus Expanse and constantly gets turns around in the perils of its navigation.

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The Hive Fleet Erebus is a small and highly evolution-prone Tyranid Hive fleet. They have been recognised as utilising heavy numbers of light infantry, overwhelming their opponents in storms of venom and borer beetle fire before shifting to exclusive usage of scything talons and rending claws. The fleet also has a similar approach in airspace, with ...

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It is a very canonical grey area to have a Tyranid Hive Fleet enter the galaxy before 745.M41, as there are only three canon instances of this happening: Hive Fleet Ouroboros (a Hive Fleet which may have strayed too close to the Eye of Terror and were subsequently mistaken for Daemons); Hive Fleet Tiamet (hinted at being the progenitor of the Genestealer infestations which the galaxy suffered thousands of years before the main Hive Fleets arrived) and Hive Fleet Colossus (thought to be ...

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