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FGO NA: The Top 10 Banners to Roll in 2021! The BEST Spots to Spend

17/01/2021 This year will be FGO's biggest in terms of OP servants, this guide will show you exactly where you should be spending your quartz! #FGO #Kama #FateGrandOrd...

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14 Days. FGO THE STAGE Babylonia Performance Release Commemoration. Commemoration Campaign Summoning Campaign 1/2 AP Campaign . 2019-01-10 18:00 JST. 2019-01-24 12:59 JST. 14 Days. January 7 2021. Not released yet. Not released yet.

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10/11/2022 Summon Banner List. Below is a historical list of Summon Events and which Servants were / will be available from each banner. Single - Servant is featured as the only rate-up Servant of their rarity for at least one of the days of the Summoning Campaign. Shared - Servant is rate-up with at least one other Servant with the same rarity at all times ...

FGO NA - Kama Summon Banner 2021 (Tokugawa Restoration Labyrinth)

The Kama banner is here! I know everyone's hyped for this banner; and, I'll admit, I am kind of too! I may not really need her, but it's always good to have ...

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Not released yet. Not released yet. Fate/Grand Carnival 2nd Season Blu-ray & DVD Release Commemoration Campaign. Commemoration Campaign Summoning Campaign . 2021-10-12 18:30 JST. 2021-10-19 12:59 JST. 7 Days. October 10 2023. Not released yet.

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New Year Campaign 2021: January 2023 Saber Wars II Rerun: January 2023 Little Big Tengu: January 2023 Holy Grail Front ~Et tu, Brute?~ February 2023 Valentine 2023: February 2023 20M Downloads Campaign: February 2023 Slapstick Museum: March 2023 Chaldea Boys Collection 2023: March 2023 Akihabara Explosion: April 2023 Grail Live: April 2023

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14/09/2021 Fate Grand Order | All Summon Banners For 2021 - FGO NA Ver. 09/01/2021 The year 2021 is going to be hell for us FGO players! From New OP Servants like Space Ishtar & Arjuna Alter, to returning top tier units like BB, Skadi, & Me...

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02/01/2021 Servants to Pull for in 2021: If You Pulled Merlin from the 2021 New Year GSSR or the Summer Event 2021: Super Orion (Super Orions does pop up in the 2021 JP New Year Banner (2023 for NA) after his initial banner instead of a GSSR, so if you didnt pull him, he will appear again. Hes a Grand Servant so his skills are busted for a reason.

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Super Lock-on Choco (Strawberry) can be used to receive chocolate, while Super Lock-on Choco (Blueberry) can be used to give chocolate. The Servant Super Lock-on Choco is used on will get a special skill "Sniped Heart B" during Valentine 2021 event. Sniped Heart B: Increases Damage by 50% and Increases Bond Point gained by 30%

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14 Days. 22M Downloads Campaign. Anniversary and Milestones 1/2 AP Campaign (Daily) Enhancement Success Campaign 1/2 QP Enhancement Campaign Summoning Campaign . 2020-11-25 18:00 JST.

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FGO Summer 2021: All In! Las Vegas Championship Match - Seven Duels of Swordbeauties! ... Da Vinci and the 7 Counterfeit Heroic Spirits Rerun (Lite) ... 1/2 AP, Class Banners, Illya, and Interludes! Revival: FGO Summer 2018: Chaldea Heat Odyssey -Civilization of Evolution- (part 2) ...

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08/09/2020 2021 NA Banner Overview/Planning. Im mostly talking to myself in this post, but I made it public in case anyone wanted to follow along or share their own 2021 gacha plans and the rationale behind them. Not including images since this post will be long enough without them. Banners anticipated to be JP-only are excluded.

Fate Grand Order | All Summon Banners For 2022 - FGO NA Ver.

The Gacha Hell continues into 2022! The long-awaited Caster Artoria will change the Arts meta as well as amazing servants like Voyager, Captian Nemo, Odysseu...

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FGO NA Banner in the next 3 months (15+sec) - YouTube

Noticeable FGO banner from Dec 2021~Feb 2022 to plan for. Notice that the Interlude Campaign 11 featuring Ivan, Anastasia, Lanling, Qin Liangyu isn't mention...

FGO NA -New Year's 2021- GSSR & Nero Banners - YouTube

I stream on Twitch! Come hang out with me ^.^https://www.twitch.tv/corvinesama- Happy New Year and good luck to you all!

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Fate / Grand Order. 2021 Banner Planner. A-E-Byzantian 1 year ago #1. Yeah, I'm still here. You ain't getting rid of me that easily. *shakefish*. In seriousness, after reviewing the year 2020's Summoning activities, I've seen that I actually had a very good year in Summoning results. It just ended badly, with my failures at getting Lia and Brady.

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According to JP, Kama banner is first, but that could always change. This is considering the fact that LB 5.2 is coming earlier to NA then it did JP, so castoria could release as early as June, but more likely early to mid July.

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FGO 2021 ~4th Anniversary~ Guaranteed Summon; FGO Movie Camelot Paladin Agateram Pre-Release Campaign; FGO Summer Festival 2016/2018 ~1st Anniversary~ FGO THE STAGE Autumn Performance Commemoration Campaign; FGO THE STAGE Babylonia Performance Release Commemoration; FGO THE STAGE Bluray & DVD Release Commemoration Campaign