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Do antibiotics interact with dairy? | HowStuffWorks

10/04/2015 Dairy is one item that pops up on some warning labels and not others. Why is it OK to mix dairy and antibiotics only sometimes? Consuming dairy products along with antibiotics doesn't necessarily cause side effects, but it can decrease the bioavailability of the drug. Bioavailability is the amount of the full-strength, unchanged medication that makes it into the bloodstream.

8 Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Milk Now | HowStuffWorks

In fact, your average dairy cow produces 120 pounds of waste every day equal to that of more than two dozen people, but without toilets, sewers, or treatment plants. 2. Let me repeat: Dairy cows produce lots and lots of waste (and greenhouse gases). California produces one-fifth of the country's total milk supply.

That Frozen Treat From Dairy Queen? Not Really Ice Cream - HowStuffWorks

04/02/2020 Dairy Queen's soft serve, well, just doesn't. Dairy Queen does a good job of explaining on its website why it doesn't (can't?) use the term ice cream on its menu: "To be categorized as ice cream, the minimum butterfat content must be 10 percent, and our soft serve has only 5 percent butterfat content." And even though the FDA has changed its definition of what qualifies as ice cream over the years, Dairy Queen's soft serve recipe has always stayed the same.

No Milk, No Espresso, All Science: Frothing Up a Dairy - HowStuffWorks

16/10/2015 You'll just need standard drip coffee, xanthan gum and a blender. By adding just a tad of xanthan gum about 1 gram (1/8 teaspoon) per liter (about 4 1/4 cups) to drip coffee and processing it for a few seconds in a blender, you can achieve almost the same result that's totally dairy free.

Butter 101: From Sweet Cream to Cultured | HowStuffWorks

28/04/2020 Ancient Romans supposedly believed butter was food for barbarians. And the Greeks thought those who ate butter were uncivilized. It was the Dutch who seemed to understand the value of dairy and butter and by the mid-16th and mid-17th centuries, they were considered geniuses for eating and producing dairy products.

What 'Percentage' Is Whole Milk? | HowStuffWorks

25/01/2017 The term "whole milk" actually refers to milk in its most unadulterated form and in addition to the fat found in milk, the main component (about 87 percent) is water. You'll also find vitamins, minerals, sugars like lactose and proteins like caseins and whey proteins.

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How Ice Cream Works | HowStuffWorks

19/08/2005 A gallon has to weigh at least 4.5 pounds. The range of milk fat (sometimes referred to as butter fat) used in ice cream can go from the minimum 10 percent to a maximum of about 16 percent. Most premium ice creams use 14 percent milk fat. Higher fat content leads to better, richer taste and a creamier texture.

Is Raw Milk Better For You Than Pasteurized Milk? | HowStuffWorks

21/06/2019 Sally Fallon, the founding president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, the largest U.S. organization in support of raw milk, notes that pasteurization was introduced to make milk safe in the late 19th century, when dairy production became more urban, safe practices were inconsistent and most people didn't have refrigerators. Today's sanitation practices, such as refrigerated tanks and trucks, make milk safer than it was then.

Dairy, Eggs and Meat Allergies | HowStuffWorks

Milk allergies are caused by a malfunctioning immune system while lactose intolerance is difficulty with digesting milk. Learn more about the difference between milk allergies and lactose intolerance from this article. By HowStuffWorks.com Contributors.

Can We Guess If You're More Sonic or Dairy Queen? - HowStuffWorks

Dairy Queen, which was founded in 1950, opened its first store in Joliet, Illinois. For years, Dairy Queen focused on frozen treats before adding fast food fair to its menu. In contrast, Sonic was founded as Top Hat in 1953. At the time, it was a root beer stand with a selection of hamburgers and hot dogs.

Milk Snakes: Colored for Danger, but Totally Harmless (and Non-dairy

23/03/2021 Most of these snakes are covered in well-defined bands of red, black and white (or yellow) scales. But there are plenty of exceptions. Up in the mountain forests of Panama and Costa Rica, there's a population of milk snakes that turn solidly black as adults. With their Yankee counterparts, it's a different story.

Can ingesting too much dairy affect your fertility? - HowStuffWorks

Some doctors suggest that two servings of whole milk dairy products each day can lead to a whopping 25 percent increase in a woman's odds of becoming pregnant [source: Curtis. At the same time, other infertility specialists recommend the complete elimination of dairy from the diet due to concerns about growth hormones, pesticides and viruses [source: Dunne ].

Do cows pollute as much as cars? | HowStuffWorks

16/07/2007 Cows emit a massive amount of methane through belching, with a lesser amount through flatulence. Statistics vary regarding how much methane the average dairy cow expels. Some experts say 100 liters to 200 liters a day (or about 26 gallons to about 53 gallons), while others say it's up to 500 liters (about 132 gallons) a day.

Make an Order at Dairy Queen and We'll Guess Which - HowStuffWorks

Speaking of growing up, because Dairy Queen is so linked to that feeling of joy on a hot summer's day from when you were a kid, we're pretty sure we can build on that. If you look over the Dairy Queen menu with us and pull out some of your favorites, we're confident we can narrow down which state in the South you grew up in. Grab yourself a big, red spoon and a napkin and dig into this quiz!

Is there a connection between dairy allergies and skin - HowStuffWorks

Dairy allergies are often the first allergies that a child develops; they're most common in infants. Kids tend to outgrow allergies to milk by the time they're three years old. But until the allergy is gone, the best way to prevent allergic reactions is to keep your child away from dairy products.

Alpha-gal Syndrome: The Meat Allergy Caused by a Tick - HowStuffWorks

25/05/2022 Alpha-gal syndrome causes a mild to severe allergy to the meat of mammals such as cows, pigs, sheep, rabbits, deer and others, as well as mammal products, like gelatin and dairy. Its symptoms include a lot of the usual allergy symptoms hives; runny nose; nausea and vomiting; swelling of the eyelids, lips, throat and tongue; shortness of breath and possibly anaphylaxis, a severe, body-wide allergic reaction.