Covid Safe Ticket Comes Into Use From Today Vrt Nws News

Covid Safe Ticket comes into use from today | VRT NWS: news

13/08/2021 Covid Safe Ticket comes into use from today. From today (Friday 13 August 2021) anyone that has a Covid Safe Ticket will be able to attend large scale outdoor events with between 1,500 and 75,000 spectators. This could be a topflight football, an open-air performance or a music festival. The Covid Safe Ticket offers anyone that is either fully ...

Scope of Covid Safe Ticket extended in Brussels from today

15/10/2021 In Brussels the measure comes into force from today (15 October) in Wallonia identical measures will come into force from the start of next month. Where and when? In the whole country (including Flanders) a Covid Safe Ticket is required in order to participate in indoor events with more than 500 participants and outdoor events at which more than 750 people are present.

Is the Covid Safe Ticket working in Brussels? | VRT NWS: news

26/10/2021 The introduction of the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) seems to be having an impact on vaccination levels in the Belgian and Flemish capital. Last week the number of Brusselers getting a first jab shot up by over a quarter. The new vaccinations take the first shot vaccination rate to 70% of adults.

Remind me, how do I get my Covid Safe Ticket? | VRT NWS: news

27/10/2021 The CST is already widely required in Brussels and Wallonia too is broadening its use on 1 November. The CST is the Belgian version of the EU Digital Covid Certificate. (If you have a valid one of those you are already OK.) It allows you to prove you have protection against coronavirus: either through full vaccination at least two weeks ago, the result of a recent test or a recovery certificate valid for six months and indicating the presence of antibodies through recent Covid.

Covid Safe Ticket across Flanders? | VRT NWS: news

12/09/2021 Flemish deputy premier Hilde Crevits (Christian democrat) is eager to see her government draw up a framework for the use of the Covid Safe Ticket in Flanders. Ms Crevits told VRT News that she is no supporter of a blanket introduction of the Ticket across Flanders, but the debate is being held.

Covid Safe Ticket required for bar and restaurant visits in -

01/11/2021 After last Tuesdays Consultative Committee meeting it was announced that Flanders would also be introducing the measure from today. The Covid Safe Ticket pass will also be needed to attend indoor events where at least 200 people are present and outside events attended by 400 people or more.

No more masking in shops, Covid Safe Ticket disappears

07/03/2022 Today is a red-letter day in our journey out of the pandemic as a whole raft of corona measures are being dropped. Starting today face coverings are no longer mandatory except on public transport and in the health care sector. The Covid Safe Ticket will no longer need to be produced in hospitality and at concerts and in the theatre.

Judge rules: Covid Safe Ticket seemingly illegal | VRT NWS: news

01/12/2021 The CST is the Belgian version of the European Digital Covid Certificate. In his interim ruling the judge says this use of the CST is possibly a violation of European law and possibly also a measure that is not proportionate as the limitation on freedom may not be proportionate to the intended goal. The unvaccinated may also be suffering discrimination.

Countdown to Covid Safe Ticket in Brussels hospitality

09/09/2021 The Brussels Region has embarked upon preparations for the introduction of the requirement for customers to produce their Covid Safe Ticket in hospitality and other venues starting 1 October. The requirement is being introduced as a result of abysmally low vaccination rates in the capital and it is hoped it will persuade more people to get the jab.

How to get your 'EU Digital Covid Certificate' for travel

16/06/2021 Those in Wallonia can call 071/31.34.93. The number should be available 24/7 to apply for the certificate (for other questions, choose office hours). You can also try the websites or for more information or for downloads.

Brussels extends use of Covid Safe Ticket: heres how

09/10/2021 The Brussels regional government yesterday agreed to extend the use of the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) to a wider range of situations, starting on 15 October. The CST is a document which attests to the holders Covid health. It is available to those who have been vaccinated, or have recovered from an infection.

Covid Safe Ticket will not disappear completely, says Vandenbroucke

04/03/2022 As the Consultative Committee will likely announce the end of the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) when Belgium moves into 'code yellow', Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke warned that it should not be thrown away completely.

Covid Safe Ticket system for events must be watertight, Van Ranst warns

20/07/2021 During Monday's Consultative Committee, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced that outdoor events for 1,500 people or more can go ahead from 13 August without coronavirus measures such as face masks or social distancing if they use the Covid Safe Ticket. "The Covid Safe Ticket can work, but then it should be constructed in a watertight manner," Van Ranst told Het Laatste Nieuws.

Belgium in Brief: Are You Covid-Safe? - The Brussels Times

13/08/2021 Just like the by-now-familiar EU Digital Covid Certificate for travel, the ticket shows that someone has been fully vaccinated for at least two weeks, recently tested negative, or recovered from the virus within less than six months. The system works with a QR code that people can present on their smartphones, via the CovidSafeBE app.

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Brussels could decide on Covid Safe Tickets in nightlife in September

24/08/2021 As Brussels is registering an increasing number of infections, the use of the Covid Safe Ticket to make sure that access to certain businesses can happen safely was first proposed by Minister-President Rudi Vervoort last week.

EU Digital Covid Certificate or Belgian Covid Safe Ticket: what's the

20/07/2021 The Covid Safe Ticket is only valid within Belgium, and is specifically intended to allow people to gain access to events without having to wear a face mask or keep a 1.5-metre social distance. As decided by the Consultative Committee on Monday, organisers can require the Covid Safe Ticket for outdoor events with 1,500 or more attendees from 13 August.

Coronavirus info | Visit Brussels

Cinemas, theatres and concert halls are open. A Covid Safe ticket or certificate is required. Professional sports competitions may only take place with public. All sports halls and fitness centers are open. A Covid Safe ticket or certificate will be required for access for all indoor sports and outdoor above 200 persons.

People who show fake Covid Safe Ticket or PLF now risk prison sentence

09/11/2021 People who use a fake Covid Safe Ticket (CST) or Passenger Location Form (PLF) in Belgium will immediately be summoned to the correctional court and risk a prison sentence from now on. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in Belgium, the College of Prosecutors-General has issued guidelines on how breaches of the measures should be prosecuted.

Covid Safe Ticket - London Forum - Tripadvisor

01/12/2021 We needed proof of vaccination for entry to a theatre in London last month, and we showed our Belgian covid pass, and took a printout as well. This was fine. Your day 2 test is linked to your PLF. We registered our tests online, using the same code that was needed for the PLF, then send the test company a photo of the test + code on the box + passport.