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Can I have both NA and JP versions of the game on IOS? : r/FGO - Reddit

Yes , and yes. Check apkpure website and directly download JP version of game Doesn't request vpn Enlightmentman TerrariaWeeb If your phone can handle it sure Dumuzid-Sipad Yeah, you can, I have both. You just need a JP iTunes account and change your AppStore login to that account to download it.

PSA: both NA and JP work on iOS 14 : r/grandorder - Reddit

PSA: both NA and JP work on iOS 14 Since the in-game announcement warned against it, I figured I'd let everyone know that I updated and tested both NA and JP. They both seem to be working fine.

Can I have both the JP and global versions of the game on the - Reddit

Ive only been playing the global version on project sekai so far, but want to try to Jp servers aswell. I dont have a nother phone to download it on, so can I just download it even if I have the global one already?

Is it possible to run 2 accounts with the 2nd one being the - Reddit

Yes. The NA and JP version are two seperate apps. You can download them from the Qoo app store if you are on android. For ios, I'm not so sure. Please use the helpthread if you have any other questions :)

Purchased both NA and JP versions through Stean : r - Reddit

Purchased both NA and JP versions through Stean I bought the JP version first, realized there was no language setting for English after installing (I'm fluent in Japanese, but I would rather play in English) so I then went to make another purchase from NA store. Reinstalled the game and it was still the JP version that's installed.

Just curious. Can you have both Jp and global on one device at - Reddit

Most players playing JP outside of Japan probably have a global account and theres probably a big chunk of japanese players on global too. Mexerino. 2 yr. ago. Yes, I'm using QooApp to get the JP version, I'm also doing the updates through it, not sure if it's on ios, but on Android it works pretty good.

Can you have both the us and jp versions of the game on the - GameFAQs

lambchips posted... Yes, you can play both versions on a single device ( on android atleast) i think for IOS, you gotta create new accounts. It worked, thanks.

Is it common for JP players playing FGOs NA version? - Reddit

I have to say,no,not as common as you think. I play NA for Punchy Saint and Melt since i have them both in NA. definitely not for collecting missing welfares that i dont have in JP like Nobbu and Ridertoki I play JP for story and certain evil math professor with Gungrave-esque weapon as his main.Also for Clairvoyance EX.

Regional Compatibility FAQ - Nintendo Support

You can identify the supported region by checking the game packaging or by going to the game's software menu options, under Software Information and then Support Information . The Support Information option highlighted on the Nintendo Switch Software Information menu. Contact information for supported regions displayed in the Nintendo Switch ...

Regionless Accounts - League of Legends Support

Feb 12, 2020 Where is the region selector? Over the past few months, weve been transitioning all players from League of Legends accounts to Riot Accounts.Now that most players have made the transition, were going to be taking the next step towards enabling Riots long-term capabilities towards supporting multiple games: removing the region selector from the login screen.

can you download both the en and jp versions of pjsekai on one - Reddit

can you download both the en and jp versions of pjsekai on one iphone?? ive been trying to figure it out for ages but im still not sure and i dont know who to ask. i currently have the english version downloaded and have been playing for a couple months but i really want to make a jp alt account.

Is there a way to get both jp and global on one IPhone? - Reddit

Everything about Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle! This subreddit is for both the Global and Japanese versions of the game. Please feel free to share information, guides, tips, news, questions and everything else related to Dokkan Battle.

What are some instances of changed dialogue/written material between JP

This is part curiosity and part documentation purposes, and considering the topic, I'm asking Masters here who play both the JP and NA versions of the game. What are some (confirmed) cases of changes made between the two versions of the game when it comes to written in-story content, be it dialogue, character profiles, etc.?

Can I have both Japanese version of the game and the English - Reddit

Can I have both Japanese version of the game and the English version? So I was able to download the Japanese version of the game through another app and I've had it for a while and play the game however I saw that there would be a us and Canada release and It let me pre-register in the play store.

FAQ - Blue Archive Wiki

Nov 7, 2023 Both the Global and JP versions of the game can be downloaded from the Google Playstore if Android or the Appstore if iOS on your mobile device. Note that the JP version of the game is region locked to Japan so you will need to download the game using a third party appstore such as qooapp or download the apk of it.

FGO Save Files for NA and JP. Play on multiple Android devices - Reddit

You have to do this after installing from Google Play or APK and before launching the game on the new device or instance. Save Locations: [NA] Storage/Android/data/com.aniplex.fategrandorder.en/files/data [JP] Storage/Android/data/com.aniplex.fategrandorder/files/data

How To Download Japanese Games On iOS |

Sep 25, 2023 Whether youre a fan of role-playing games, visual novels, or action-packed adventures, the Japanese app store offers a treasure trove of gaming experiences waiting to be explored. While it may seem daunting at first, downloading Japanese games on your iOS device is simpler than you might think.

Can you have both the Japanese and American version of Dokkan - Reddit

I have both versions on iOS and Android. You have to trick iOS by making a JP account in the iTunes Store.

Japanese and NA versions in the same PS4: will I have any - Reddit

This means you should have no problem having both versions on the same console, but it also means that no transfer of any kind can happen between the versions, meaning safegames cannot carry over. Correct me if I am mistaken, but this has been the case for many ps games. ManatuBear 7 yr. ago

How do I access Japanese IOS games without creating a new - Reddit

If I remember correctly you do have to set up a new Apple ID and set the location to Japan. You may even have to use a VPN. I used to do this to play games that were in beta in other countries. You wont loose any of your data if you log back into your original Apple ID. true.

How to Get JP Dokkan Battle on iOS

Jan 30, 2024 Overview Step 1: Create a Japanese Apple ID on a Computer Step 2: Add Japanese Apple ID to Your iOS Device Step 3: Change iOS Region to Japan Step 4: Download JP Dokkan Battle Frequently Asked Questions Will my global account transfer over? Is this allowed/legal? Do I need to know Japanese? How do I update the JP version?

Blue Archive to have 2 versions of the game in the future as - Reddit

The goal of making two versions is to still have creative freedom on one hand (again, stuff like swimsuits for example), and on the other hand also keep the full size of your playerbase given by the lower age rating version. 64. srones. 1 yr. ago.

Top 25 best JRPGs for iPhone and iPad (iOS) | Pocket Gamer

Oct 17, 2023 Dragon Quest is beloved by many, as are the SaGa and Monster Hunter games. The great thing is that you can now play all of those big-hitting franchises right here on your iPhone or iPad. And there are a bunch of completely fresh JRPGs to discover too, both on Apple Arcade and the wider App Store. We've had to leave a whole bunch of iOS JRPGs ...

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