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Battlefleet Koronus, officially known as Passage Watch 27-Est, is a small fleet of Imperial Navy vessels charged with the protection of the Koronus Expanse, a dangerous unexplored region of the Halo Stars located beyond the Calixis Sector in the Segmentum Obscurus, which lies on the northern edge of the known galaxy.

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The Imperial Navy shipyards for the sector are located on the Forge World of Belis Corona. Belis Corona is a vitally important Imperial Dead World which serves as the Segmentum Obscurus' primary base for the Imperial Navy's Battlefleet Obscurus as well as essentially the Imperium's administrative capital for the entire Segmentum.

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Battlefleet Calixis planners were left wary of Vaxanides' vulnerability after the first Ork attack and bolstered its defences with long range Augury stations in the star system's outer reaches. Their foresight was rewarded in 507.M41 when the Space Hulk Pinnacle of Savagery was detected approaching Vaxanide with an accompanying fleet of Ork ships.

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The Koronus Expanse is the name given by the authorities of the Imperium of Man to a dangerous unexplored region of the Halo Stars located beyond the Calixis Sector in the Segmentum Obscurus. The Expanse is accessed through the Koronus Passage, a treacherous but navigable route through the great Warp Storms that bar passage to the Halo Stars beyond the way station of Port Wander on the edge of the Expanse.

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For more than a hundred centuries the Emperor of Mankind has sat immobile on the Golden Throne of Earth. He is the master of mankind by the will of the gods and master of a million worlds by the might of His inexhaustible armies. He is a rotting carcass writhing invisibly with power from the Dark Age of Technology.

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Patrolling the Koronus Passage, Battlefleet Koronus provides a bulwark for the Calixis Sector against the horrors that lurk within the depth of the Halo Stars. The Battlefleet itself consists of a dozen Cruisers and several Battlecruisers, supported by a number of Light Cruisers and several squadrons of Frigates and Destroyers. Due to the nature of its duties and the vast area of space it must cover, the Battlefleet also includes several carrier vessels.

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Battlefleet 40K (B40K) is a fan-made rule set for playing Battlefleet Gothic-style space combat games in a manner that has more similarity with the rule set for 8th Edition Warhammer 40,000. Thematically, Battlefleet 40K is set during the 'present day' of the Imperium Nihilus era following the...

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A Kroot Warsphere. A Warsphere is a powerful Kroot starship, the last vestige of the ancient power and surprising scientific advancement of the Kroot civilisation prior to its move away from advanced technology. A Warsphere is effectively a flying town comprising a central section connecting the sphere that serves to house the main Warp-Engine and ...

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Battlefleet Orpheus is a permanent detachment of the Imperial Navy charged with the protection of the Orpheus Sector on the exterior borders of the Segmentum Tempestus. As one of the frontier fleets of the Imperium of Mankind, Battlefleet Orpheus lacks the numbers or tonnage of more powerful...

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Two vessels of Battlefleet Kantharos, in orbit of Athenai Prime. Duties. Battlefleet Kantharos has a great many tasks including defending the Aeaean Cluster against invasions. The Battlefeet is divided into Battlegroups to patrol the four SubSectors to combat pirates and enemy scouts or to escort transports and provide orbital support. Combat Doctrine

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Battlefleet Eressa is the largest Imperium military force in the Eressa sector. Charged with protecting the Western border of the Imperium, as well as the reconquest of the sector itself, the fleet is hard pressed just to maintain what territory the Imperium has. The Eressa sector was among the...

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Battlefleet Ishtar can date back its roots to at least to M34 and the formation of it's doctrines that persist to present. Over millennias saw mainly small battles and skirmishes but brought a variety of enemies with different tactics. Major fleet operations were done in the support of the neighboring Sectors.

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Battlefleet Niwagen is an Imperial Navy Battle Fleet. It is a fast reaction fleet for combating threats, ignoring the separation of the galaxy in Segmentums or when a Segmentum or Sector needs reinforcements for local threats. Operating since M37, Battlefleet Niwagen has seen thousand of battles...

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Battlefleet Hyperion is a vast fleet of Imperial Navy vessels charged with the protection of the Hyperion Sector, an Imperial sector located in the Segmentum Ultima on the eastern edge of the known galaxy, in between the Maelstrom and Eastern Fringes. Battlefleet Hyperion is currently commanded by Lord Admiral Theodore Valance.

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Although very powerful, battleships are slow and ponderous. These form the heart of most Imperial Battle Fleets. The main firepower of a fleet will be in its complement of cruisers. Though not as powerful as a battleship, cruisers are faster and can hit hard when working in teams.

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All of them are engaged by one force: Battlefleet Leman. An ancient Battlefleet protecting the same named Sector in Segmentum Tempestus. From the ancient conflicts like the Great Crusade or the Horus Herey, over the Void Babarian War to modern conflicts like the Chaos raids after the creation of the Great Rift, saw Battlefleet Leman action always managing to stay on top of the perils saving countless lifes.