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Bangladesh is the world's eighth most populous nation. The vast majority of Bangladeshis are ethnolingustically Bengalis, an Indo-Aryan people who are predominantly Muslim. The population of Bangladesh is concentrated in the fertile Bengal delta. It has been the center of urban and agrarian civilizations for millennia.

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Dengan luas sebesar 144.000 km 2, kepadatan penduduk Bangladesh sangatlah tinggi, yakni sekitar 1.099,3/km. Pertumbuhan penduduk Bangladesh berada di antara yang tertinggi dunia pada 1960-an dan 1970-an, tetapi dengan dilakukannya pengendalian penduduk, pada tahun 1980-an pertumbuhan penduduk melambat.

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Bangladesh (officially called People's Republic of Bangladesh) is a country in South Asia. To its west is West Bengal in India. To its northeast is Northeast India and to its southeast is the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar. Bangladesh's capital and largest city is Dhaka (formerly "Dacca").

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Avec plus de 1 251 hab/km2 en 2016 8, le Bangladesh est l'un des pays du monde dont la population est la plus dense. Gographiquement, l'essentiel du Bangladesh est occup par le delta du Gange avec une superficie totale de 105 000 km2. C'est une plaine fertile mais sujette aux cyclones tropicaux et inondations des moussons .

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Bangladeshis in India are members of the Bangladesh diaspora who currently reside in India. The mass migration into India since Bangladesh independence has led to the creation of anti-foreigner movements, instances of mass violence and political tension between Bangladesh and India, but it has also created measurable economic benefits for both nations. Estimates of the number of Bangladeshis in India vary widely. According to the 2001 Census of India, there were in India 3.1 million Bangladeshis

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Bangladeshi Rahvavabariik on riik Luna-Aasias Bengali lahest phjas. Riigil on maismaapiir India ja Myanmariga. Bangladesh moodustab idaosa iidsest Bengali piirkonnast. Bangladeshi nimi thendab bengali maad. Bangladesh on rahvaarvult maailma kaheksas riik. Seal elab enam kui 160 miljonit inimest ning see on ks tihedama asustusega riike maailmas.

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Bangladeshis (Bengali: [41] [baladei]) are the citizens of Bangladesh, a South Asian country centered on the transnational historical region of Bengal along the eponymous bay.

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Bangladeshis are one of the largest immigrant communities in the United Kingdom. Significant numbers of ethnic Bengali peoples, particularly from Sylhet , arrived as early as the seventeenth century, mostly as lascar seamen working on ships.

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Bangladeshis form one of the largest immigrant populations in Italy. As of 2017, an "educated guess made by government officials of Bangladesh" was that there were 400,000 Bangladeshis living in Italy. In 2019, the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies put the number of Bangladeshis regularly residing in Italy at 145,707.

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