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Ban | Ikariam | Fandom

Getting banned means that you are denied access to your game or board account. The bans can be either temporary, or permanent, depending on which of the Game rules you have broken. If you think you have been banned, and you don't know why it is, you can first review the Pillory and you can then...

Ikariam | Fandom

Feb 17, 2008 WikIkariam, the Ikariam wiki, is a community site that anyone can contribute to, discover, share and add your knowledge, about "Ikariam" a browser based massively multiplayer online game of the strategy genre produced and maintained by Gameforge AG, set in the era of classical Greece in an archipelago, with players being made ruler of a small ...

Game rules | Ikariam | Fandom

Feb 7, 2024 Using scripts that are not approved by Gameforge may get your account permanently banned. A full list of approved scripts can be found on the following forums: (where script usage was not allowed any more) and (Removed/Disabled). Clarification

Inactive player | Ikariam | Fandom

Ikariam. in: Game mechanics. Inactive player. An inactive player is one who has not 'logged in' or had a 'mouse-click' for a specific length of time. Effects. In island view, a town owned by an inactive player has its name partly grayed out, with ( i) after it, and a message about the inactivity appears when your mouse-over over their name.

Expert's Guide | Ikariam | Fandom

There are many ways to keep busy during the endgame of Ikariam, when you have maxed out your towns, researches and upgrades. This section will detail some of the more interesting strategies. War Conflicts in ikariam are fun but they can be time-consuming.

Ban | Ikariam Wiki | Fandom

Essere bannati significa che vi stato impedito l'accesso agli account di gioco o del forum. I ban possono essere temporanei o permanenti, a seconda dell'infrazione alle Regole del gioco che avete commesso. Se pensate di essere stati bannati e non ne sapete il motivo, per prima cosa potete...

Ikariam Wiki | Fandom

Welcome to the Ikariam Wiki. An unofficial wiki currently in development to provide information for the online game Ikariam by Gameforge. New and revised, with updated content. For now, check out The Beginner's Guide .

Beginner's Guide | Ikariam | Fandom

Ikariam. in: Guides. Beginner's Guide. See also: Ban, Land battle, Buildings, Ikariam User Interface, Invite friends, Godly protection, Pillaging, Research, Ships, Sea battle, Spying, Trading, Trading Resources, Units and Vacation. Contents. 1Introduction. 2Game Rules, Terms and Conditions. 3Resources. 3.1Getting access to luxury resources.

Ban | Nanatsu no Taizai Wiki | Fandom

Trivia. King Ban, in Arthurian legend, is the father of Sir Lancelot and Sir Hector de Maris, the brother of King Bors, an early ally of King Arthur, and the husband of Elaine. The relationship of their namesakes reflects the romantic feelings of Ban and Elaine, and the name of their child as well.

Occupation | Ikariam | Fandom

1Effects for the occupier. 2Effects for the occupied town. 3Results of actions relating occupation. 4Revolt. Effects for the occupier. Units will cost you double the upkeep as long as they are in the occupied town. You can use the occupied town as bridgehead for other missions.

Barbarian Village | Ikariam | Fandom

Introduction. The Barbarian Village is where you get to learn about the battle system without attacking other players. This is the first PvE ( Player versus environment WP) activity announced in game so far. Every time you attack the village, the battle gets harder. As of Patch 0.7.0, there are now 50 levels for the barbarian village.

Achievements | Ikariam | Fandom

Basics. Ikariam. Guides. Help or Other. in: Achievements, Empire achievements. Achievements. Sign in to edit. For the Titles that are given based on the Achievements: see Achievement Titles. Achievements are requires one or more criteria to be fulfilled, e.g. Own a certain number of towns, in order to unlock them.

Tender | Ikariam Wiki | Fandom

Ikariam Wiki. 75. pages. Explore. Game Database. Gameplay Mechanics. Community. in: Ships, Warships. Tender. Edit. In-Game Description. A tender provides support for own ships. Trained engineers and divers can immediately fix small amounts of damage in the dock so that the units can re-enter battle immediately.

The Beginner's Guide | Ikariam Wiki | Fandom

The Beginner's Guide. Edit. Contents. 1 Welcome to Ikariam. 1.1 Notice. 2 Basic Gameplay. 2.1 Resources. 2.2 Luxury Resource Access. 2.3 Island strategies. 2.4 Buildings. 2.4.1 Main. 2.4.2 Resource Reduction. 2.4.3 Improved Resource Gathering. 2.4.4 Military buildings. 2.4.5 Other. 2.5 Researches. 3 Beginners Guide. Welcome to Ikariam.

Banban | Garten of Banban Wiki | Fandom

Banban. View source. Tools . Navigation. Characters. Contact Wiki Staff. Monster. Corpse. Hellish. Depiction. Important Information. Status. Deceased. editing status= ban, -admin. Case 6. Gender. Male. Pronouns. He/Him. Genome (s) Givanium, Human. Donor. Dr. Uthman Adam. Specific Abilities. Turning Hellish. Super Strength (Hellish)

Pirate Fortress | Ikariam | Fandom

The Ikariam Plus premium feature Padlock does NOT affect these reward amounts Calculation On the following table, select the position (1 50) for which you want to calculate the resouces you can receive, the cities you own (1 21) and the warehouse levels for each of your cities (1 425). The calculation is instant to any change you ...

Interactive Maps | Ikariam Wiki | Fandom

Interactive Maps. Special page. Create an interactive map. Start by creating a map inspired by a world featured in your favorite fandoms. Add custom markers and categories to visualize locations, items, and more! Learn More. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

Garten of Banban Wiki | Garten of Banban Wiki | Fandom

Welcome to our Wiki! We are a collaborative community about the Garten of Banban Series. Be ready to make some friends and have fun! We hope you enjoy your time here ;)

Ikariam from A to Z: A guide for all levels | Ikariam Wiki | Fandom

01:43. This video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 244000) Watch 01:43. House of the Dragon Roars - The Loop. This guide provides tips, that will help you to progress rapidly in the game. It takes into account all attacks, defense mechanisms and the new features introduced in the latest patches. Choosing the right server.

Givanium | Garten of Banban Wiki | Fandom

1Overview. 2Types of Givanium. 3Givanium Mixtures. 4Givanium Monsters. 5Trivia. 6Gallery. 7Navigation. Overview. Givanium is a fictonal element in the Garten of Banban universe represented with the symbol Gv. It is used to create living creatures, such as the Monsters the Player encounters throughout the Garten of Banban Games.

Ikariam | Gameforge Wiki | Fandom

Ikariam is a free online real-time strategy game released in 2008 by Gameforge AG. The concept behind Ikariam is much like Sid Meier's well-known Civilization games. Each player is given a small town and constructs buildings such as Barracks, Ports, and Taverns to create a larger town, and...

Hng dn cho tn game th | LMVPT-Ikariam Vit Nam | Fandom

5 Nhng bc khi u. 6 Gi c Ti nguyn qu. 7 Chin lc ban u. 8 Ch ngh php v bo v. 9 phng b khiu chin. 9.1 ng gp. 9.2 Tun th Gi c th trng. 9.3 Bo v hi phn. 9.4 Tnh bo. 10 Chin lc trn o v ti nguyn qu. 11 Cc trang lin quan. Lut game, iu khon v iu kin.

BanG Dream! Wikia | Fandom

Bandori Wiki is about BanG Dream! (! Bandori!), a multimedia franchise by Bushiroad and features the bands Poppin'Party, Roselia, RAISE A SUILEN, Morfonica, Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, and Hello, Happy World!

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