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Among Us is an American science-fiction social deduction game made by Innersloth Inc. It was released for iOS and Android on June 15, 2018, for PC on Steam on November 16, 2018. It was also released on on August 17, 2018. Among Us follows a crew being killed one at a time by one or more Impostors. The game got very popular in late 2020 because many Twitch streamers and YouTubers have played it. In December 2021, Innersloth announced that there would be a virtual reality version of the ga

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Among Us is a science-fiction murder mystery game that follows a group of Crewmates who have Impostors among them. The Impostor's goal is to Sabotage their ship and kill everyone. The Crewmates need to complete tasks and vote out the Impostor.

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Among Us is a murder mystery game that can take place either in a spaceship named "The Skeld," the headquarters of the company MIRA, a research base on the planet Polus, or an Airship. Among the players, one to three will be randomly chosen as Impostors, who need to blend in and kill the Crewmates.

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Among Us. Among Us [ 3] [ 4] InnerSloth [1] [2] . 2018 615 Android iOS 1116 ...

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Az Among Us weboldala. A Wikimdia Commons tartalmaz Among Us tmj mdiallomnyokat. Az Among Us 2018-ban megjelent online videjtk, amelyet az InnerSloth amerikai jtkstdi fejlesztett s jelentetett meg. A jtk egy rtmj krnyezetben jtszdik, ahol a jtkosok mindegyike kap egy szerepet, valaki ...

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The Wolf Among Us is an episodic graphic mystery-drama adventure game developed by Telltale Games, based on Bill Willingham's Fables comic book series, to which it serves as a prequel. The game consists of five episodes that were released throughout 2013 and 2014. Retail versions for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, and Xbox One consoles were made available in November 2014. In the game, players control Bigby Wolf, the sheriff of Fabletown a clandestine ...

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German. Die Mrder sind unter uns, a German film known in English as Murderers Among Us in the United States or The Murderers Are Among Us in the United Kingdom was one of the first post-World War II German films [1] and the first Trmmerfilm. It was produced in 1945/46 in the Althoff Studios in Babelsberg and the Jofa-Ateliers in Johannisthal.

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Public games are a type of online game that anyone can find either through the "Find Game" menu or by entering their six-letter code, similar to private games. At any point before the game is started, a public game can be changed to a private game.

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Among Us je online multiplayerov sociln a dedukn hra vyvinut a publikovan americkm hernm studiem InnerSloth. Byla vydna 15. ervna 2018. Hra se odehrv v prosted s vesmrnou tematikou, kde kad z hr pevezme jednu ze dvou rol. Vtina hr se stv leny posdky a pedem zvolen poet osob hraje roli podvodnka.

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Among Us dan dinamakan sebagai Space Mafia dalam URL Google Play. ialah permainan video multipemain penekaan sosial dalam talian, yang dibangunkan dan diterbitkan oleh studio permainan Amerika Syarikat InnerSloth dan dilancarkan pada 15 Jun 2018. Permainan ini berlangsung dalam suasana bertemakan ruang di mana pemain masing-masing mengambil salah satu daripada dua peranan, kebanyakannya adalah Crewmates, dan sebilangan yang telah ditentukan adalah Impostors. Tujuan untuk Crewmates adalah untuk m

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Among Us (littralement en anglais Parmi nous) est un jeu vido d'ambiance multijoueur en ligne dvelopp et dit par le studio InnerSloth. Il est sorti en 2018 sur Android , iOS , Chrome OS puis Windows , en 2020 sur Nintendo Switch et en 2021 sur PlayStation 4 , PlayStation 5 , Xbox One et Xbox Series ( noter qu'il est apparemment possible de le faire tourner sur Wii de manire non officielle).

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Some people may see a webpage popup when opening the EGS version of the game asking for consent for Epic to share some data with Among Us (this is a data consent that is usually inherently granted, but some users have lost that consent for whatever reason). After accepting, users should be able to log into their account in Among Us as normal.

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Among Us is a manga, featured in the February 28th 2022 issue of the Bessatsu CoroCoro magazine. On January 12, 2022, the comic was announced by Innersloth.

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Welcome to the Among Us Wiki! We are happy that you are here. To get started, make sure you know our wiki rules! Also, make sure all edits are following the Manual of Style. This will help ensure all of the wiki follows a standard format. If you need any help, contact our staff.

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Living Among Us is a 2018 American vampire horror film, overseen by Brian Metcalf. Filmed in 2013, it was released in 2018, 7 months after the death of John Heard (who played as Andrew), making it his last feature film release. The film was distributed by Vision Films and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, with a limited theatrical release.

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Impostor, a mod made by Clowfoe based around the Among Us game and lore. Vs. Impostor: Black Betrayal, a fan-made expansion to VS. Impostor. It stars the Black Impostor as the main antagonist. VS EVIL Impostor, another fanmade mod which depicts well known characters such as Red and Green as their own mirrored selves.

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21/06/2022 Among Us is a murder-mystery game for iOS, Android, PC, and Nintendo Switch in which players take on one of two roles: the Impostor(s), whose goal is to kill everyone, and the Crewmates, which have the job of fixing the ship and voting the impostor(s) out.

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Friday Night Foundation. Friday Night Funkin': Impostor at the Danceclub. Friday Night Funkin: Rose Tinted. Friday Night Parasite. Funkin Kong - VS FUNKY KONG FULL WEEK. Funky Friday Celebratory Mod. H. HD (disambiguation) Category:Henry Stickmin.

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Andromeda's Story Andromeda was a scientist that discovered the map of Polus. She was a fan of space and discovered Murr3y's hole, the lava pool and found the laboratory and the specimen room, where she conducted several experiments. She told the commander that how great that Polus was, so they made it a base. But a crewmate named Unknown( who is Andromeda's friends and researcher) turned into ...