A Statement From The Chair Board Motion On Supporting Our Diverse

A Statement from the Chair: Board Motion on Supporting Our Diverse

A Statement from the Chair: Board Motion on Strengthening Community

The actions prescribed in the motion adopted by the Board of Trustees outline our next steps in supporting the 2SLGBTQ+ members in our HCDSB community. Along with our commitment to flying the Pride flag for the month of June at each of our schools and the Catholic Education Centre, the adopted motion outlines several action steps in further supporting our diverse school communities.

Driving Diversity and Inclusionthe Role for Chairs and CEOs

03/04/2019 1. Change Starts with the Chair. As board leaders, chairs can model an ideal culture within the boardroom by: Ensuring that the board itself is diverse, including women, minorities and diverse points of view; engaging in creative efforts to build the board candidate pipeline; and eliminating bias from the ideal director profile.

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26/07/2018 Ford Foundations Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Mission Statement. At the Ford Foundation, diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are. Our commitment to these values is unwavering across all of our work around the world. They are central to our mission and to our impact. We know that having varied perspectives helps generate better ideas to solve the complex problems of a changingand increasingly diverseworld.

President & Board Chair Statement | ArtsFund

Under Board Chair Anthony Miles and Interim President and CEO Sue Coliton, and with the support of ArtsFund Foundation then led by Jim Tune, ArtsFund responded decisively to the initial shock of COVID-19 by raising and granting over $3.1 million dollars in funding in addition to accelerating our annual distributions; culminating in over $5.5 million in relief funding to 113 local arts and cultural organizations.

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04/03/2021 The motion [PASSES/FAILS] and is [ADOPTED/NOT ADOPTED] 9. New Business. This is where the chair calls for new business and members can make motions. If someone seconds them, the board can discuss the motion and vote on it. CHAIR: Is there any new business? [MEMBER RAISES HAND] CHAIR: The chair recognises [MEMBER]. [MEMBER MAKES MOTION]

Written Statement: New Chair of the Youth Work Strategy Implementation

09/06/2022 I encourage a wide and varied range of people to apply in support of my ambition to establish a diverse Board. Sharon will work with the recruitment panel and the Young Persons Committee to create a Board with the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure we develop youth work services for all our young people.

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30/10/2017 The board chair needs to be decisive and authoritative in tone and body language, keeping the meeting in control, without being overarching or overly demanding. A skilled board chair sums up the ideas of board directors as they voice their ideas and concerns to support the director and clarify their perspectives. Running the Board Meeting Without exception, board meetings of all kinds operate according to parliamentary procedure, which is commonly known as Robert's Rules. The board chair ...

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27/06/2022 Chairs today play a critical role in the success or failure of their organizations; they serve as a trusted sounding board and guiding hand for the CEO and other board members. Huge forces are redefining the role in real time: unforeseen events, such as the pandemic and geopolitical disruption, adding to the inexorable challenges of digital transformation, climate change, heightened regulation, and investor scrutiny.

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10/05/2022 The board chair should keep the meeting focused on key, strategic decisions, which is not always an easy task for the board chair, who must also encourage the board directors to present diverse perspectives. The board chair also needs to remind directors to openly state any conflicts of interest. Voting and Closing the Meeting

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11/05/2022 A main motion must be moved, seconded and stated by the chair before it can be discussed: I move that. If you want to move, second or speak to a motion, stand and address the chair: I second the motion. If you approve the motion as is, vote for it: Aye. If you disapprove of the motion, vote against it: No/nae.

Statement of the Chair on Supporting the Multilateral Trading - APEC

26/05/2018 We reaffirm our commitment to achieving free and open markets in the Asia-Pacific region and the importance of international trade to job creation. We therefore underscore the importance of ensuring the effective functioning of the rules-based, transparent, non-discriminatory, open, and inclusive MTS as embodied in the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

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08/09/2021 The chair and the board administrator are obligated to make preparation convenient if they wish for board members to arrive at meetings prepared and engaged. In our modern world, supporting efficient board meeting preparation requires that board materials are easy to access online and on mobile devices while protecting data security. Most directors today also expect to search rapidly for information in past meeting minutes or materials and mark up board documents with their own annotated ...

Chairs Statement of the 2022 APEC Women and the Economy Forum

10/09/2022 We emphasize our shared commitment to addressing all barriers to womensfull and equal participation in all economic activities, including: gender-based discrimination faced by women that hampers their access to financing and credits; denial of womens land tenure and property rights, including ownership; overrepresentation of women in low-paid, less secure informal jobs; discrimination, gender-based violence, and harassment in the world of work, and especially towards individuals ...

Media Freedom Coalitions Co-Chairs Statement on the membership of

18/11/2022 Published: 18 November, 2022. Print document. Canada and the Netherlands, as co-chairs of the Media Freedom Coalition (MFC), give notice that, effective today, Afghanistan has been removed as a member of the MFC. This decision was taken in consultation with the MFC membership and as per the Coalitions Terms of Reference.

Federal Reserve Board - Statement by Federal Reserve Board Chair Jerome

22/11/2021 Statement by Federal Reserve Board Chair Jerome H. Powell: Thank you, Mr. President. Mr. President, thank you for this extraordinary opportunity to continue to serve the American people. If confirmed by the Senate, I pledge to do everything within my power to meet the responsibilities that Congress has entrusted to the Federal Reserve.

Guides for Committee Chairs & Committee Members - BPAA

The committee belongs to the Association, not to the Chair. Encourage a clash of ideas, but not of personalities. Good decisions are made when committees examine all sides of an issue, but don't let members personalize the debate. Emotional discussion of an idea is good, but an emotional reaction to a person is bad.

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The chair should facilitate discussions, keep members on track and the meeting on time. When a topic has been fully discussed, the chair will often summarise the points and put the motion to the board for a decision or vote. Between meetings. Board members should not think that their role begins when the board meeting starts and ends when it closes.

Statement on Park Board co-management motion - Musqueam

26/01/2022 Last month, Commissioner Stuart Mackinnon presented a motion to the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation asking the board to direct staff to explore opportunities with Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations for co-management of parklands within their traditional territories that are currently under Park Board jurisdiction. The motion was discussed at the January 24 Park Board meeting, where Commissioner Mackinnon presented a revised version of the motion, with amendments.

Proposed assurance statement: - of evidence to support this statement

assurance regarding our financial planning for the future. An equality policy considers a diverse range of equality issues throughout Association services. We now have in place a new Equality Policy to ensure that it is central to our governance system and is used to mainstream equality policy objectives into practice. Our equality procedures